Welcome to Beanster’s Bytes!

We are so happy you’ve decided to stop by our blog and see what we have going on. Since this is our first official blog post, we’d love for you to get to know who we are and what we have planned for this adventure in blogging with fun and educational videos.

Beanster’s Bytes is compiled of three lovely lady bloggers. First up is Crystal, the inspiration behind this blog. Crystal is Lily’s aunt who brought us all together to put our minds, hearts and passion for a healthy lifestyle to the forefront of the blog world. Since stepping up to raise Lily, she has been challenged on finding healthy and holistic information about taking care of a toddler. Since realizing there is a lack of information out there, she wanted to not only bring information to other people raising children in a light hearted and fun way but to put her experience and love for creating and directing films to use.

Heidi is the “brains” of this operation. She is currently in school to become a nutritional consultant and has had personal struggles dealing with food, which has made her passionate about healthy nutrition and educating others in all types of circumstances. She wants to bring easy, fast and healthy options to all levels of income not matter their geographical location.

Sarah was brought on to promote Beanster’s Bytes. She is the “voice” of our blog and is also passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and spreading the word that it doesn’t have to be super complicated and expensive to live healthfully. She will also be contributing to blog posts, recipes and weekly features for Beanster’s Bytes. You can read more about Sarah, Heidi and Crystal on our “Who We Are” page here.

We also want to give a huge thank you to everyone that has pulled together to support us and help this blog get off the ground. A huge part of that is our creative designer, Anna! She is also Lily’s aunt, joining us from Australia and is the creative mind behind the adorable logo. You can find more information about her and her work here.

Thank you again for coming and checking out Beanster’s Bytes! We have some great blogs, videos, product reviews and healthy lifestyle and food recommendations (just to name a few) coming your way and we really want to be apart and have an impact on your lives. We’ve set up a forum that you can shoot us comments, recommendations, feature post ideas or just rant about something your toddler did or didn’t do today. We are a family and we don’t judge!  We are here to help and guide you in any way we’ve found to be successful and healthful for your toddler and growing families. We are excited to share our experience, knowledge, trials and errors in parenting (and cooking) to you.

-The Beanster’s Bytes Team


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