Food Poisoning with a Toddler

I had a very different blog post planned for today but my weekend didn’t go quite as expected.

We rarely go out to eat anymore partly because we’ve fallen back in love with cooking and honestly we like to know exactly what we are eating. On Saturday we decided to visit one of our favorite pizza places. Big mistake. Several hours after our wonderful meal, it hit us all.

This was my first experience with food poisoning and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It’s completely incapacitating and any one with a little one knows that’s not really an option.

The first night we couldn’t get the Bean to drink anything. Everything she had in her had already come up and I was starting to panic. After some intense googling and a panicked phone call to her pediatrician, he recommended giving her one tablespoon of pedialyte every five minutes, no water!

1 Pedialyte

Pedialyte – fruit flavored

This confused me because all I could think was, one tablespoon?!? Are you crazy? She’s dehydrated. He said not to worry. It would slowly hydrate her and bring her back to normal.

Needless to say she LOVED the pedialyte, that stuff is like toddler crack. She would take her spoonful and then scream bloody murder waiting for the next sip. Slowly but surely her coloring and her spirit returned.

By this time it was a decent hour and I talked to Heidi and asked her advice. She recommended switching to coconut water and slowly bringing back food using the BRAT method.

The BRAT method is

2 BRATT Diet


The BRAT method is simple, easy to digest foods. I used a few variations of these foods too, like rice cereals. You can only eat so many apples and bananas.

At this point I’d become a believer in pedialyte and this was a miracle juice. I even tried some myself. I got my intense sugar high at the very same time the Bean crashed. She crashed hard. It was like I’d given her a giant candy bar, she had ran and bounced around and this was the aftermath.

We hesitated giving her anymore but we decided to dilute it halfway with water. That worked MUCH better and we avoided any more crashes. The bottle clearly states NOT to dilute it….

3 Do not Dilute

Do not dilute…

What can I say? I am a rule breaker.

She slowly began eating again, we started with toast, then half a banana and later that night a few bites of rice.

4 Bean with her toast

The Beanster smiling again.

One of the hardest parts of having a sick toddler is the fact that they can’t tell you what’s wrong. When she started to feel better the Bean would eat and drink anything I would give her. I had to gauge how much to give her without overloading her system and making her sick again. After talking to my pediatrician and through my experience I’ve come to the conclusion that less is more and start slowly with small amounts from the approved BRAT list.

Over the next few days we continued with coconut water and slowly introduced almond milk. I chose the vanilla almond milk because of the added sugar to boost the Bean’s calorie intake.

5 Coconut Water

!00% pure coconut water

6 Almond Milk

Almond milk sweetened with Vanilla












Slowly we returned to her normal diet and cows milk after I was sure her system had returned to normal.

Overall food poisoning is a nightmare and I hope you never have to go through it but if you do then I hope you’ll find these tips helpful. Nutritionally Pedialyte, Coconut water and another widely used drink, Gatorade, are quite different. After talking to our nutritionist Heidi, she recommended that whenever possible to drink coconut water and avoid Gatorade (and other sport drinks) and Pedialyte. After conducting extensive research there is not a lot of data on the processed additives and how they effect your body after being consumed. Unfortunately coconut water is processed as well and the taste can be too extreme for some people. Check our references page for the research materials used.

At the end of the day the top priority is getting fluids into your child. They all worked for me quite well in that respect. Although, I’ve decided to try making my own version of Pedialyte, look for that in an upcoming blog post!!

Have you been through food poisoning with your child? Do you have any tips you found useful? Please comment below and tell us about it.


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