Foto Friday!

Ella waiting patiently for some love

Ella Fitzgerald

Welcome back to Beanster’s Bytes! It’s been a crazy week here posting our first blogs, doing research and I (Crystal) have been hard at work in the editing room to bring you our very first video!

When we decided to create Beanster’s Bytes we all made a commitment to really allow you into our lives and almost become part of our families 🙂 One of the ways we would like to achieve that is through…..FOTO FRIDAY! I know Photo with an F, kind of makes me think back to the days of Fotomania at the mall. Come on, we all did it 😉 Anyways, here is a peak into each of our lives this week through some fun fotos!

Heidi has two sweet dogs who she spends the majority of her time with. I think they may have been a little jealous of the time Heidi spent on the blog this week. Here is sweet Ella waiting patiently for some love from mommy!

Miles the sous chef

Miles Davis

Now Miles on the other hand enjoyed the blog this week and always has to be in on the action. AKA supervise the action 😉

One of the most enjoyable parts of having a 16 month old in the house is watching them grow, learn and discover new things. The Bean is at a stage where she helps with EVERYTHING! Whether you want her to or not she’s always there to lend a hand or completely mess you up. I guess it depends on how you look at it.

Helpful Bean

The Bean helping Nana



I use a large board to shoot my blog photos on, I love the way it looks, so rustic 😉 Nana was helping me out and bringing it for me to use. I turned around and the Bean was helping too.

Bean's Corner

Bean’s Corner







The Bean is also gaining her independence and one of the ways she likes to be “alone” is to go to her little hangout. We buy the GIANT packs of diapers at Costco (my fave store) and at some point they ended up in this little corner and just she started sitting on them one day. She likes to eat over there, play on her phones, read books, all kinds of things.


Easter Aisle



Easter is here!! I was at the store this week researching for an upcoming video! Can you guess the theme? Look for it in the coming weeks!






Time flies, the Bean is learning to drive…wait, what?

Bean is at the wheel

Just kidding 🙂 She just loves to mash the horn. We’ll give it a few more years until driving lessons.

fish tacos 1Sarah went to the beautiful San Diego area with her husband to catch up with his mom and siblings. The company, weather, beach and food was all lovely and a nice mini vacation. Here are a few snapshots of their trip! On the right is a foto of the delicious fish tacos from Karl Strauss in San Deigo. Wow, those look delicious! Now I am hungry for fish tacos!

Kissing Statue 1

On the left is a shot of the “Unconditional Love” sculpture based on the famous photo taken for Life Magazine titled “V-J Day”. Sarah said she was in love with this photo when she was younger, she even had a purse with the image on it!

LaJolla Beach 1And how can you go to California without making a stop at the beach. This is on a hill in La Jolla. The day was sunny and fairly warm so Sarah and Robert tried to soak up as much rays as possible before heading back to Las Vegas.

Thank you for joining us this week! Check back tomorrow for a special post from the Bean’s Nana! Did you enjoy our Foto’s? Any questions? Please comment below!

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