Nana’s Coloring Club!

Recently we introduced the Bean to coloring! She LOVED it and it has become one of her favorite activities to do with her Nana. Bean and Nana Coloring

Ok, lets be honest, she swirls the crayons around and bangs them into the paper but it’s a start. She imitates us and attempts to color sometimes and the more we do it the better she gets.

Bean coloring

She always has to have one of her “phones” with her.

We would like to share our joy of coloring with you! Nana has worked hard to develop toddler friendly drawings for you and your child to color together!! Every Saturday we will have a new picture for your child to practice their skills.

This week is an introduction and we’ve developed a nurtrionally inspired picture of the Bean to welcome you and your child!

You can find the drawing here,


Bean first coloring pageBean Coloring Page 1

You don’t even have to download anything, you can print the pdf directly off of our site.

That’s not all, we would LOVE to see your child coloring. Take a picture of your child coloring or with their finished coloring and we will feature it right here next week!!

Email it to or you can even snail mail it to us. Our address is listed under our contact us page!

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