Nailed it!

I was somewhat of a tomboy growing up but I’ve always had to have my finger and toe nails painted. I would play in the dirt and I was serious about sports but my nails were always done.

Well apparently I’ve passed that on to the Beanster. Ever since she’s been able to tell what fingers and toes are, she’s loved to have hers painted as well.

The only problem is that all of the nail polish I use smells really really bad. I got to thinking about it and if it smells that bad then what is in it?

Most nail polish contains formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, acetone and many more toxic chemicals.

Those can be pretty harmful if ingested and I don’t know about your toddler but mine has her fingers in her mouth 90% of the time and I have no doubt the toes probably occasionally make it in there as well.

Eventually the paint will chip and she’ll probably eat those small pieces of paint….

I decided to do a little research and I came across Piggy Paint! Piggy Paint PackagingThey claim their polish is a natural as mud!

Natural as mud

Now I’ve been wrong before so I decided to run it by our nutritionist Ms. Know it all just to be sure.

Polish packaging

The Piggy Paint polish got the Ms. Know it all stamp of approval! She even said she wants to try it herself!

You can find Piggy Paint by visiting their site,

After checking their site they list that they are available in select Wal-Mart’s and that is where I picked mine up for the Beanster. It was $4.24 for a two pack.

Nail polish packaging

It was a small price to pay to see this smile after seeing her freshly painted toes.

Choosing colors

Painted toes in sandals

Extra tip!

In case you are thinking, Crystal, are you crazy? I can’t get my little one to sit still long enough to paint her toes??

Painting of the toes

Take a deep breath 😉 I find that putting her in her high chair and giving her a little snack works as a great distraction to allow you to get them painted. I am also guilty of painting them once while she was sleeping 🙂


Did you paint your toddlers toes? Do you have any tips and tricks you found work better? Let us know if the comment section below, you can even send us a picture at and we may feature it here on the blog!

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