Flag Art Project for toddlers!

Final flagThe 4th of July countdown is on! All of the stores are filled with decorations, fun patriotic clothes and more! This week we’ve brought you firework safety tips, a beautiful flag themed cake and even tips for events this holiday! When we brainstorm for our blogs I usually avoid anything “crafty.” I am in awe of some on the things I find on Pinterest but I wouldn’t consider doing them myself…until now. I was inspired by those finger painting projects where they write the childs name then paint over it, remove the tape and voila! I figured why not try it with a flag? So here we go!


supplies1 canvas

1 toddler safe blue finger paint (you can totally make your own)

1 toddler safe red finger paint

1 sheet of star stickers (I used Sandylion)

1 roll of painters tape (Most rolls you’ll find are blue, my Dad happened to have a green roll laying around)

Several pieces of white paper or newspaper

Step 1:

Here’s where Mom, Dad, Aunty, Uncle or even an older sibling comes in 🙂 Grab your painters tape and put it where your white stripes are going to be.

white stripes

You’ll need 6 pieces of tape for 13 stripes 🙂

This is much much easier then it looks and took me about 3 minutes even with a screaming toddler wanting to paint 🙂

Use your tape to block out where your blue paint is going to go for your stars.

Blue portionThis will allow your little one to paint freely while keeping the area for the blue pristine 🙂

Step 2:

You may want to cover your painting area with plastic or newspaper to prevent accidents. Grab your red finger paint and let your child paint away!

finger painting redYep she’s using a paint brush…it took her a while to to actually use her hands. This is the same girl who loves to eat rocks…who can figure?

You’ll want all of the white areas to at least have some red on it. Mom and Dad can totally get involved too, I’ve had a red hand for days now..

Final redLet the red dry completely. I set it outside for about a half of an hour and it was ready to go.

Step 3:

Remove the tape from the area that will be painted blue and cover the rest of the canvas with white paper or newspaper. I used pieces of bent or crumpled printer paper and taped it down.

blue area

I reused my painters tape from earlier 🙂

Take your stickers and stick them where ever you would like. You can get as OCD as you’d like here and do 50 all in straight lines or you can be a little more creative like I did.

starsAfter you have all of the stars you want, let your child go with the blue paint!

Painting the blueRemove the paper and tape and allow your painting to dry.

Step 4:

After the painting is completely dry remove the star stickers. I used a X-acto knife and it was really easy!

Removing stickersGrab a sharpie, write your child’s name with the year (trust me, you’ll forget when it was made later on) and your done!

Bean 2013My brother was so inspired with Bean’s painting that he made one too! He used the same tape method and acrylic paints.

Bean & Dannys paintingsDo you like to craft? or are you like me and pin a TON and make very little? 🙂 What are your plans for the 4th? Let me know in the comments below!


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