What’s in my diaper bag? Tips for what to stock!

I was inspired by those, what’s in my purse blogs and videos and I thought this might be fun and helpful at the same time.
diaper bag overviewFirst of all I’ve never bought an actual diaper bag, I know people get really excited about this but for me personally I didn’t feel like I needed to spend a lot of money, after all it’s what’s inside that really counts. I am a total purse hoarder and I use any excuse to purchase another one so I’ve always preferred using a big purse for everything. This leopard print one is my favorite by Kate Spade, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger the more I stuff in it 🙂

To keep myself organized I’ve found the best method is several small pouches with different items in them. You can use small clear reusable pouches, cosmetic bags you may already have or even ziploc bags would work.


extrasI love the way Hello Bee describes how she uses pouches for different items.

The necessities:

thermosInsulated milk container – Bean drinks cows milk and keeping the temperature safe is very important. We have this thermos sippee cup that keeps the milk very, very cold and we refill Bean’s bottle or cup when she is ready for it.

diapers & wipesDiapers & wipes – Even if your child is potty trained or potty training having some extras can be a life saver or mess saver 😉 Check out our battle of the disposable diaper video here.

Potty topperToilet seat covers – These stick in place and will keep your little one safe from all of the germs that can lurk on public toilet seats.

extra clothesExtra outfits (I like to keep basics like a pair of black or jean leggings, plain onesies or t-shirts so she will still match if we have any accidents)

shoesExtra pair of shoes – Bean has a nickname around our house, “Shoeless Joe Jackson,” I think we loose a shoe about once every two weeks so I always keep an extra pair.

Table toppers

Table Toppers – I love these and I don’t know what I did before I found them, check out my review here!

changing padsMunchkin Changing Pads with Baking soda – Diaper changing stations can be one of the germiest surfaces and I’ve even used these when I’ve had to change Bean in the car. (When you use a reusable pad your carrying around all of those germs that were on the surface of the changing table)

face wipesFace Wipes – Johnson’s or Boogie Wipes – It still amazes me how dirty Bean’s face can get in 5 minutes, these come in handy while you are out on the go.

sippee cupSippee Cups – We live in the desert and it’s been a hot summer so we’ve gotten into the habit of filling her cup up with ice before we leave and as it melts she has cold water all day.

snacksSnacks! These are VERY important, toddlers tend to be grazers and Bean is no exception so she gets hungry and grouchy quickly and it makes everything easier and happier to have snacks along with us. We have several snack idea blogs & videos here.

Extras I only carry occasionally:

Toy bag – I leave it in the car for unexpected emergencies. I got stuck at the DMV once for hours with nothing to do except to let Bean play with my phone. I saw a prepared mom with a bag full of activities like books, crayons, cars and more and her daughter was having a ball. I learned from her to always be prepared 🙂

My Ipad with the Fisher Price Apptivity Case – I don’t always carry this but if I know we are going somewhere for a long time I will. I use this as an absolute last resort after all of her toys have become boring and I need to pull out the big guns 🙂

Pain Medicine – If your child is teething some sort of pain reliever is a must, I learned my lesson when I was out running errands, Bean came down with a fever and I needed something now. I had to settle for something at the drugstore I wouldn’t normally use and had to pay a small fortune. Check out our teething video here!

Extra tip:

Double check the sizes of the extra clothing you have in your diaper bag. Yes, Bean has had to wear pants that were waaay to short on one occasion…ok maybe more then once, who’s counting?

After reading back over the contents of my diaper bag I realized I’ve got some germ issues…lol. But I guess that’s life with an (almost) 2 year old!

What do you keep in your diaper bag? Is there anything you carry that you love that you think I should try? Please let me know in the comments below!! 🙂

-Crystal & the Bean

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