DIY – Hair Bow Tutorial!

During planning for Bean’s 2nd Birthday I found some of the cutest hair bows and clips on Etsy. (I could spend all day on there) Unfortunately, they were all pretty pricey, which is understandable because most are hand made. Even though I would never consider myself crafty I decided to save a little money and attempt to make my own for Bean!

First you’ll need some supplies. I found all of these at either Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.Bow making supplies


3/8 inch width ribbon (to cover alligator clips)

7/8 inch width ribbon (for bows)

1/4 inch width ribbon (for bows)

Alligator Clips (I found a large bag at Hobby Lobby for $3.99)


Hot glue gun w/glue

Fun decorating items (rhinestones, scrap booking and crafting pieces, felt designs)

First you’ll want to cover your alligator clips. This is totally optional but if your toddler tends to pull them out of her hair when she gets tired of it, it will pull out fewer hairs if it’s covered.Alligator clipsTake your 3/8 inch width ribbon and cut it to 6 inches. If your alligator clip is larger or smaller you’ll need to adjust this. You can always cut your first one and make adjustments for the rest.Ribbon and alligator clipStart with one side of your clip and wrap it around the inside so it pinches within the clip. Your first one is a little tricky to get this lined up but don’t get frustrated, your next one will be a breeze.covering the clip 1Take the other side and make sure it stretches to cover the entire clip. I forgot to plug in my glue gun so while it heated up I went ahead and prepared a little army of these.several clips ready to glueAfter your glue gun has heated up, take one side of the clip and put a dot and a line of glue down the clip. The hole in the clip with help the ribbon on the other side stick as well.gluing the clip 2Repeat for the other side of the clip. Let it cool and you’ve got a covered clip. Covered ClipsDepending on the ribbon you use these can be adorable on their own and can be worn like they are or you can take fun decorations and felt accessories and glue them to the clip.decorating clipsThe ice cream cone is for Bean’s Birthday and the lady bug is for her Halloween costume 🙂

If you’d like little tuxedo bows to add to your hair clips, it only takes a few extra steps. With Halloween just around the corner I picked up some fun ribbon and small spooky characters I found on the scrap book aisle.BowsTake your larger ribbon (I used 7/8 inch width) and cut a 5 inch long piece. Fold it in half, crease it and a thin line of hot glue.first step tuxedo bowFold each side of the ribbon and glue so they connect. Be careful not to overlap the ends 😉connected sides of the bowThis is where it gets a little tricky. I’ll be completely honest, your first bow probably won’t be very pretty. Mine was a little lopsided but stick with it and I promise you’ll get better at it and they’ll look great 🙂

Take the back side (the side with glue) and fold it over.glue seamNext, place some glue at the top of the bow and fold it down towards the center.Top gluedRepeat with the bottom half.glued bowDon’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect yet, take a small piece of 1/4 inch ribbon to wrap around the center of your bow. It doesn’t need to be very long, mine was about an inch, adhere it with a small dot of glue.Tuxedo bowsAfter the glue dries you can do a little twisting and adjust the bow how you would like it. Glue to your covered alligator clips and they are ready to wear!finished hair bowsI hope you enjoy making your bows! Do you have any questions? Is there anything you’ve DIYed after falling in love online? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

-Crystal & the Bean


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