Orgain Healthy Kids Nutritional Shakes Review

It seems like every day a new toddler product comes out and new food items are one of the most popular. Recently, we (the Beanster’s Bytes Ladies) came across Orgain Healthy Kids Nutritional Shakes and decided to give them a try.

Orgain Drinks

 The Backstory

Dr. Andrew Abraham, who is a cancer survivor and has a passion for improving the health and well-being of others, founded Orgain. Abraham spent years looking a nutritional shake that met his standards for healthy, nutritious, and free of the “bad stuff.” When he didn’t find one, he made his own! It took some time, lots of trial and error, and some research to find the perfect formula that would become Orgain Shakes.

Orgain makes a line of adult and children’s shakes. The children’s shakes come in three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. The company proudly states that each shake contains:

10 different organic fruits and veggies

Organic complex carbohydrates from brown rice

23 vitamins and minerals

8 grams of organic protein

Gluten free

No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

No corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, colorings, preservatives, or flavors

The Cost

Orgain shakes are relatively inexpensive and average 2 to 3 dollars per bottle. Also, coupons are available, either in store or online. On the website, the shakes can be purchased in bulk for a reduced price.

What is in Orgain Shakes?

Ingredients listAt first glance, I was a little taken back by the long list of ingredients. Some of them I knew and some I had to look up. I tend to be on the side that the few the ingredients the better. However, in the case of Orgain Shakes, the ingredients list was long because it has additives that extend the shelf life and increase the flavor.

One of the additives that caught my eye was inulin, which is a naturally occurring fiber found in starchy vegetables. It is added to processed foods to help bind and gives them substances without adding any flavor. In moderation, inulin can be consumed safely. However, if a person consumes large amounts of inulin it can cause flatulence.

Note: anytime the amount of fiber is increased in one’s diet, drink extra water. This helps the digestive system break done the fiber and move it through the body.

Some other additives to keep an eye out for and consume in moderation: Xanthan Gum and Soy Lecithin, which are emulsifiers that keep food “together.” Another additive to be on the lookout is Carrageenan and is like a non-animal gelatin (made from seaweed). Consumed in moderation it seems to be safe and is common in processed foods.

A win for Orgain Shake is that there are no added sugars and the only sweetener is stevia and is the last ingredient! Also, the addition of whole veggies and fruit is a great way to sneak in the healthy stuff.

Edit: After closer inspection, I realized that there are several added sugars, which includes: Evaporated Cane Sugar, Rice Syrup, and Brown Rice Syrup.  

The Taste

When I showed the Orgain shakes to Bean she was immediately excited. The packaging is adorable and she really likes the little monkeys. 🙂

Bean tasting orgainWe tried the strawberry flavor first and she loved it!! She carried it around and drank about half of it before getting full. I stored the rest in a sippee cup in the fridge for later. 🙂 Bean gave the Strawberry flavored Orgain…..5 Beans!!


Next, up we tried the vanilla. Bean doesn’t eat a lot of sweets and the vanilla has more a milkshake flavor so she wasn’t a huge fan. If your child drinks flavored milk or juice, they may like this flavor more. Bean gave the Vanilla flavored Orgain..2 Beans!


 The Verdict


Orgain Healthy Shakes received three glasses because:


Widely available across the United States

Price is reasonable for the average American Family


No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

No corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, colorings, preservatives, or flavors


Fairly processed and does contain “natural” additives, which help extend the shelf life and improve the taste. However, compared to a similar product on the market I would say Orgain has gone to great lengths to make this product safe and healthy for a toddler by using organic and Non-GMO ingredients.

Orgain Healthy Kids Shakes could be given as a healthy treat and in moderation would be an excellent option if making your own shake is not possible.

Do you have a toddler product you would like us to review? Question or Comment, please post below!

Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla

Mrs. Know it All

I am a Nutritionist and Blogger who is not known for her plating of food or photo skills. I love to empower people to live the busy lives they have created, while being healthy, happy, and hopefully at their best every day.
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  1. We own a nutrition & fitness club called Triniti. We are interested in extending our product menu and your kids drink peeked our interest. We would like to know more about your product.

  2. From your review above, “A win for Orgain Shake is that there are no added sugars and the only sweetener is stevia and is the last ingredient!”
    Did you not see that the second ingredient after water is Organic Evaporated Cane Juice?? I would call that added sugar, no? Otherwise good points.

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