8 tips for a meltdown free party w/ your toddler!

With Bean’s Birthday party this weekend our house is buzzing with excitement. I’ve been pretty organized with this party but I am sure there are things I’ve forgotten that I will have to cover last minute. With Bean turning two, the terrible two’s have arrived in full force but I am still hoping for a great day. I’ve put together a list of my top 8 tips for you and your toddler to enjoy your day. Most of these also work if you are attending an event or party!8 tips

The top 8:

1. Timing:

The time of day you choose for your party is the most important in my opinion. Bean’s nap times are pretty routine but occasionally change with errands and other interruptions in the schedule. I set her party time at 3pm because 90 percent of the time she’s had her nap by then and she’s energized for the rest of the day. It’s also a great time because attendees won’t expect a meal and you can serve horderves instead. Don’t hesitate to take a nap as well, parties are stressful, give yourself a break too 😉

2. Extra clothing/Diapers/Pull-ups/Shoes:

I know you’ve picked or even purchased a special outfit for your kiddos Birthday but unfortunately accidents happen and having a backup can be a lifesaver. I pack a special bag and keep in my purse or car, I mentioned it in my Diaper Bag Blog here.extras

3. Fool Proof Snacks/Drinks:

A hungry toddler is a grumpy toddler and if you are planning to serve a meal or horderves that aren’t your little ones favorite meal then extra snacks are a must. Bean seems to change her “likes” almost daily but she has a couple of things she’ll always eat. This is a must if you are attending a party that you aren’t hosting especially if your little one has allergies 🙂

Small bags are great for snacks

4. Location, location, location:

Host your party somewhere familiar. Save the children’s museum and pizza places until your toddler is a little older. Parks you visit often, home or even a friend/family member’s house are ideal when your toddler is so young.Party Area at the park

5. Entertainment:

As I am sure you know toddlers get bored easily and quickly. Provide some fun entertainment like DIY Party games or a DIY pinata to keep your toddler busy. Parks with playgrounds have built in free entertainment and will get your toddler moving.entertainment

6. Comfort Items:

Does you toddler still love their pacifier, a special blanket or toy? Party days aren’t the days to break their “habits.” They are stressful enough, give yourself a break and pack their comfort item (out of sight if you prefer) just in case. Bean is bringing along her “Baby” who even gets to wear a special party outfit that day 🙂

7. The Guest List:

Keep it small and simple with close friends and family. A good rule of thumb is one toddler per year they are turning. This will give them buddies to enjoy their party without overloading them.

8. Enjoy yourself:

This is probably the hardest on the list. Don’t get caught up in the details of the party, who cares if the streamers don’t look quite right or someone spills the bowl of chips. It’s your toddlers Birthday, you’ve made it through another year and you are both still alive! Now, that’s something to celebrate right there 🙂

Do you have any tips for me for Bean’s Birthday? Please let me know in the comments below!



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  4. Nice post! Timing and familiar location are so important! We celebrated our little’s 2nd birthday yesterday, and he loves the toy lending library we visit, so we decided to have the party there. We had the party after nap time and was over before bedtime. He had 2 meltdowns because he didn’t want to share, but overall, location and timing made this party a great success! I like the one toddler per year idea. There were 12 total kids at the party which is a lot. I am totally fine 3 kids next year! 😊 Thanks for sharing!

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