How to plan a toddler friendly Birthday Party!

Planning a Birthday party can seem overwhelming and expensive at first but it’s totally doable even on the smallest of budgets!  Start by making a list of the things you need to look into like how many guests, what’s your budget, are you planning on feeding your guests a meal? This will help you determine the right location and so on. Here are a few things to start planning right away 🙂


Pick a theme early and shop as you go. I bought fun party plates, napkins and table cloths as early as June when I found some adorable ones on clearance. Plates and napkinsI saved a ton by buying things at 50 or 75 percent off! Be flexible with your theme, I started out with Ice Cream Cones (inspired by the cake design) and by the end our party became more of Elmo’s Ice Cream party 🙂


Party DecorYou can do the same for decorations, my brother Danny, wrapped the poles at the park in streamers that I found for great deals. We live in Vegas and the wind can be unpredictable so instead of buying a ton of balloons I bought a helium tank to fill balloons ourselves in case they weren’t an option.


We decided to have a carnival atmosphere and we made a lot of the games for Bean’s Party. We also had sidewalk chalk, Pin the nose on the Elmo and a DIY pull string Pinata. Plan more activities then you think you’ll need, this will keep everyone busy and having fun.

Party Favors

Party FavorsPrepare little gifts for your guests so they have something to take with them. I picked up things you had to play with or wear. Our party was outdoors so everyone got a pair of fun neon sunglasses and a bag with a maraca, a necklace that had bubbles in it and little fun toys to play with. Some of the toys I picked up were a little advanced for toddlers by themselves but that was to encourage the parents and older siblings to play as well. You don’t have to break the bank buying favors, just put a little thought into it and think like a toddler.

The Food

2We brought you some great recipes that you can make ahead of time and will impress your guests. Here’s a quick recap. For a hearty, easy to serve main dish, try Mrs. Know it All’s Crockpot Chicken Chili. Sarah got creative and brought us Elmo & Oscar Fruit and Vegetable platters, these were popular with the kids and adults! Finger foods are always a hit, here are several to check out. Lastly, you can’t have a birthday party without cake, check out our devils food and fresh strawberry cupcakes made from scratch.

Add your personal touch

Take a little time and add a personal touch that you will remember. Your toddler probably won’t remember because they are so young…but do something special. I made a DIY hair bow for her to wear that I can easily save and she can wear again.

Keep it stress free

Don’t forget the reason you are having a party in the first place, it’s about your little one and it’s supposed to be fun! Check out our tips for a meltdown free party to help you along 🙂Lily at the partyAre you planning any parties any time soon? I’d love to hear about it, let me know below 🙂

-Crystal the now 2 year old Bean 🙂




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