Nancy Terry Guest Blogger: Essential Oils and How to Use Them with your Toddler

Our guest Blogger, Nancy Terry is back! Over the summer she gave all the ins and outs of Camping with your Toddler, which Nancy mentioned using essential oils with Hunter. None of the Beanster’s Bytes crew knew much about them, so we asked Nancy to fill us in on their uses and her experience.

Nancy with her husband Paul, and her son Hunter

Nancy with her husband Paul, and her son Hunter

I had been hearing about the benefits and healing effects of essential oils for years and was always curious to try for myself. I started by trying the following oils.




Melaleuca (tea tree oil)

I instantly fell in love with these oils.


Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender is known for its calming, relaxing effect and can help with sleep.  Did you know it is also great for bruises, scrapes, burns, skin rashes and bug bites?

On our cross-country road trip we decided to try lavender oil with our son since we were going to be driving hundreds of miles and stopping in unfamiliar places. On long drives and I would rub the bottom of his feet with lavender oil and gently massage. Within minutes he would knock out and sleep for the long drives!  At home I use lavender to freshen up sheets and bedrooms by simply placing a couple of drops into a water bottle and spraying it in the air.  I also use lavender oil to make my sons wet wipes and I place a few drops in his bath when he’s had a rough day.


 Clove has become a household favorite.  My mother would make her own clove oil to relieve our teething pain when we were babies.  We have also used it to relieve our sons teething pain.  We put a drop of clove oil on a Q-tip and rub it on his gums.

During our road trip I had a horrible toothache.  We were hundreds of miles away from our dentist so my husband suggested I use the clove oil to relieve the pain. Within minutes the toothache was completely gone! And stayed away for months.

Note: clove oil is strong and spicy and does not taste very good.


Cypress Oil

Cypress Oil

Cypress has worked well for us as an alternative to deodorant.  I place a couple of drops on my hand and rub it well into my underarms.  Cypress is also used to clear out metal toxicity from the body, bladder control, and dandruff.  When I have dandruff I mix a drop or two with my shampoo and the dandruff disappears.

 Tea Tree Oil:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Melaleuca (tea tree oil) has so many uses.  In our family we use it for cankers sore relief, bug repellent, acne, and cuts.  We just place a couple of drops topically on the affected area.  It can also be used for eczema, fungus, rashes, and thrush.

Essential Oils have many uses, including a natural bug repellent

Essential Oils have many uses, including a natural bug repellent

Please note:  If you will be using essential oils internally or adding them to your food for flavor make sure you have a certified high grade oil.

For more information, check out doTerra website and for additional uses for oils check out the Essential Oil Guide.

Essential Oils keep Hunter Healthy and Happy!

Essential Oils keep Hunter Healthy and Happy!

What is your experience with essential oils? Do you have a favorite one? Post it below!

Nancy Terry

I am a Nutritionist and Blogger who is not known for her plating of food or photo skills. I love to empower people to live the busy lives they have created, while being healthy, happy, and hopefully at their best every day.
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