Best foods for your toddler on Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving this week I would imagine you’ve got enough on your plate with meal prep, travel and maybe even some Black Friday shopping. The last thing you want to think about is, “What am I going to feed my picky toddler?” Have no fear, we have some tips for getting them to eat what you’ve prepared.

Turkey dinner with your toddler


Don’t be afraid of condiments

If your toddler loves chicken and ketchup then chances are they’ll love turkey with ketchup. Cut it into bite size pieces and even let them dip it themselves. It’s a holiday after all 😉 Check out Sarah’s Homemade Ketchup recipe you can make ahead of time and keep in the fridge.

Peas, sweet potatoes and other vegetables

Let your child try new things, you may find out they love sweet potato. Bean loves peas (she calls them balls) so we plan to fill her up with them.

Balance your carbohydrates with protein

It’s kind of a Thanksgiving tradition to eat so much food (stuffing is my fave) you have to take a nap..but it might not be the best idea with your toddler. Balance their plate with a mix of turkey, vegetables and a smaller amount of stuffing. 😉

Prepare it in a familiar way

Does your toddler like turkey sandwiches? Take some bread and thin slices of turkey and make them a sandwich. You can even add your toddlers favorite sides to their turkey like cheese or carrot sticks.

Skip the heavy sugars

Yes it’s a Holiday and we all indulge a little but go for dessert options that have some protein in them like sweet potato or pumpkin pie, leave the sugary cranberry sauce off when you are filling your toddlers plate.

Don’t forget breakfast

This tip is for you and your toddler 😉 We tend to eat Thanksgiving lunch at our house around 1 or 2 (so we can have seconds for dinner) but I know some families don’t eat until 5 or 6 so make sure your have a nice breakfast to keep yourself and your toddler going all day. Check out Mrs. Know it all’s Crockpot Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal or Sarah’s Pumpkin Spiced Trail Mix for great options!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? I can never seem to get enough of the stuffing or dressing as we call it 🙂 Do you have any fun traditions you do with your family? Let me know in the comments below!

-Crystal & the Bean


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