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With the holidays here, it’s time for gingerbread houses, Santa, sleigh rides and some great family time. Part of the holiday is sending cards to your loved ones and one of our traditions is to include a photo of Bean with our Christmas cards so everyone can see how much she has grown. We used to go to one of those photo places in the mall for her photo until we got a photo that wasn’t so great. I decided to start taking them myself and you can too! Here are my tips for getting a great shot to share with your loved ones. 🙂

Tips for taking a great holiday photo

Do it yourself

Unless you have a family member who is a great photographer you are probably the best person to take a photo of your child. You know the little looks they give and the funny things they do and it will be easier for you to capture that. You also know what you want in your photos, that can be difficult to communicate to an untrained photographer.

Choose your location & lighting wisely

Choose a place (background) that is appropriate and doesn’t take away from your child. Be careful not to get too elaborate. We went to our local nursery and got some great shots with the Christmas trees they have for sale.

Guilty BeanYou can go to the park, a Christmas display at the mall or even your front yard. If your child is wearing red go for a green background so your child is the focus of the photo. Natural sunlight is going to give you the best coloring and exposure so take your photo during the day 🙂 Sunrise and Sunset will give you that nice orange glow.

Photo Editing is your best friend

Shh, don’t tell anyone but the Holiday photo I sent out of Bean last year was carefully cropped right above her feet because she wasn’t wearing any shoes when I finally got a great shot…so don’t be afraid to crop your photos. Pixlr is a very user friendly online photo editing site that is free to use. You can crop, lighten, change up the contrast and even add text and borders to your photos.

The faster the shutter, the better

Don’t be afraid to use the camera on your Iphone, it’s has a really fast shutter and it’s easy to use. In a nutshell, a fast shutter allows you to take multiple pictures very quickly. Here’s a secret, for every great photo I take, I have at least 10 not so great ones…

The many faces of BeanSome of my best photos of Bean were taken using my phone. Grumbles and Grunts has a great list of tips and tricks you can use when taking photos with your iphone.


Try to find an outfit that really showcases your child without taking away. Solid colors with small details are great. Also make sure you have them try everything on before you commit to an outfit. The reason Bean wasn’t wearing shoes in last years photo was because her shoes were way too small and I didn’t realize it until they had already rubbed blisters 🙁

Silly Bean

Get rid of your expectations

You may have this dream photo is your head but sometimes that’s not the greatest thing for your child. Keep yourself open to those magic moments you may capture when you aren’t even trying.

Happy Holidays from BeanstersBytesAre you planning to take your child’s photo this year? Do you have any tips I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

-Crystal & the Bean

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