Easy and Fun DIY Gifts to do with your Toddler!

It is hard to believe that Christmas time is here again and with that comes food, drinks, and gift giving. It can be an overwhelming time and I know that I can get a bit lost in the shuffle. One area that I decided to take some stress out of is gift giving by doing simple Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Gifts. I have wanted to try it for years and was envious of people who could make beautiful gifts. In an attempt to keep it simple and not end up on Pintrosity, I decided to do a Lavender and Lemon scrub and Vanilla extract. Plus, these are easy gifts your toddler can help out with. Always keep a close eye on them and make sure that none of the ingredients end up in their mouth.

DIY Scrubs and Vanilla Extract

DIY Scrubs and Vanilla Extract

Lavender and Lemon Scrub:

Friends and family will love you if you give them this scrub. It is super easy to make. Not only does this scrub smell great, it is also great for you.

Epsom Salt is a good source of magnesium, which is absorbed easiest through the skin. Magnesium is an abundant mineral that is needed for a host of functions in the body.

Coconut Oil is anti-microbial and is great for moisturizing the skin.

Lavender is great for promoting relaxation and easing stress. Check out our Essential Oils for more information on how to use them.


1 cup of Epsom Salt

1 cup of Coconut Oil

15 – 20 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

½ lemon, juiced

Lemon Zest and fresh lavender (if available)

Container to put scrub in

Lavender and Lemon Scrub

Lavender and Lemon Scrub


Mix together Epsom salt, Coconut Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, and lemon juice. Add lemon zest and fresh lavender. Spoon into container and wipe clean. Add label. Makes approximately a cup and half.

Tips and Tricks:

Add more Coconut Oil, if you want smoother scrub. This will also add more moisture. Keep in mind that coconut oil will change from solid to liquid, depending on the room temperature. So you may need to let the coconut oil liquefy or let it sit for a bit after mixing, as the oil may be enough.

Add more Epsom Salt, for a dried scrub. This gives it a more exfoliating effect.

Add more Essential Oil, if you want a stronger smell.

Experiment! Try out different scent combinations, add more oil, or salt

Labels, you can use whatever ones you like. I found chalkboard ones online, which are great because they can be wiped clean and reused.

Finished Product!

Finished Product!


While extracts are readily available in most stores, making your own extracts can be a fun gift to give to your loved ones. Also, this is super easy gift that your toddler can help you with. You can experiment with many different kinds of extracts, including citrus, ginger, mint, or even coconut. Any of these extracts can be used to enhance flavors in baking, cooking, or even for making holiday drinks.

To keep it simple, I am doing a Vanilla Extract.

I ordered Vanilla Beans online and pick up some vodka.

I ordered Vanilla Beans online and pick up some vodka.


2- 3 Vanilla Beans


Glass Jar(s) with tight fitting lid(s)


Wash out jar and dry. Take vanilla bean and place in jar. If using a smaller jar then bend or cut the bean. Next, fill the glass jar with vodka to the top of the bean. Seal well and store in a dark, cool place. Shake it once every day for the first week. It will take be ready in 2 weeks to a month and will darken over time. The beans can also be used in recipes.

If you make a fruit or other extract, then use organic or wax-free fruit as the pesticides or wax could leach into the extract. Peel the skin on the fruit and avoid the white part. Add to jar and cover with vodka. Shake gently once a day for a few days. It will be ready in about a week or two.

One note: my vanilla extract has not darken due to a shipping issues with the jars…I can hardly wait for those Amazon Drones to start deliveries 😉


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The holiday season can become a blur of events, errands, and preparing for the big day. However, with these DIY gifts you can create unique and fun gifts to give to friends, family, or anyone. Plus, you can create some new memories if your family helps out with making the gifts.

Do you have favorite DIY gift? Post it below!

Vanilla Beans and Vodka,

Mrs. Know it All

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