Toddler Bedtime Tips & Tricks!

When it comes to Bean and bedtime it’s either a total hit or a complete miss.. We like to keep Bean on a regular schedule. There are snafus here and there but for the most part she goes up to bed at 7:30pm reads a couple of books and is out by 8. It’s taken a while to figure out the magical routine for her as every child is different but here are some tips to help you figure it out with yours.

Toddler Bedtime TipsCalm Activities before bed

Try reading a book or books to your toddler every night. Bean looks forward to it every night because she gets some good one on one time while she reads. Check out our top 10 books your toddler must read for some book suggestions. You can also try giving your child a warm bath nightly to help calm them down and get any last minute energy spurts out of them.

Stand your ground

When it comes to bed time do your best to keep encouraging your child to go to sleep no matter how much they resist. You are going to hate me for this but if you are trying to wean your toddler from their comfort items then do your absolute best to stand your ground at night. I know you are going to think I am crazy when it’s 9 at night and your child is screaming for their pacifier or blanket but it only makes it that much harder when you try again to take it away in the future. Bean’s pacifier has been especially hard to wean her from because when she has it she goes immediately to sleep… Sometimes it’s hard to endure the screaming but I keep telling myself it will be a little awkward when she goes to high school with a pacifier..

Sing a lullaby

You don’t have be able to carry a tune to sing to your child. Throw your insecurities out the window and sing. You can sing lullabies from your childhood or make up the words as you go. You may feel a little silly the first time but trust me, it works. It will distract your little one from whatever they want and they’ll be calm before you know it.

Teach healthy habits

Part of learning to go to sleep at a certain time is knowing what is expected of you. Start healthy habits like brushing their teeth at the same time in the same spot everyday. Nightly baths can also be incorporated or scrubbing their feet and hands with a washcloth. If they resist lead by example and show them how you brush your teeth also.

Stick with a Routine

Keep the same bed time every night. Studies show that children with a regular bed time perform better on cognitive development tests then children that don’t have set bed time. They know what to expect so they know how to behave. Bean knows that she has to put on her pajamas to brush her teeth and she has to do both before she gets to read her books. By the second or third book she is always zonked out.

I hope these tips help you out with your battle of the bed time and sleep training. Please let me know any of your tips in the comments below! Or if you have a magical trick to wean a pacifier for good I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

-Crystal & the Bean

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