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Several months ago we had a wonderful guest blog by Nancy about Essentials Oils. Her blog inspired me to do my own research and find the best ones on my quest to see if they actually work. Then Sarah invited me to an Essential Oils class all about them and how they work. I was sucked right in and ordered a fun starter kit called the Family Physician Kit from Doterra.

Doterra Essential Oils Review

Doterra says, “This collection of 10 nurturing essential oils and blends provides what you need to care for your family’s everyday health needs with simple and safe methods featuring essential oils.”

I’ve only had the set for a couple of weeks now but I am hooked! I’ve tried all but a couple of them for different ailments and they have worked just like a charm. I wanted to share what all came in my kit with you and what they are supposed to heal/do! 🙂


Doterra LavenderYou can diffuse or apply topically to calm anxiety, soothe emotions, irritated skin and lips. You can also apply immediately to calm a reaction to a bee sting or bug bite. I applied a small amount to Bean’s forehead and around the back of her neck when she had a headache. It worked like a charm and she immediately calmed down.


Doterra Lemon

You can diffuse in a room to neutralize odors and elevate the mood. You can use it as a natural way to clean kitchen counters and even take internally as an antioxidant and detoxifier. This smells amazing, one whiff of it and your immediately more awake. This is by far my favorite oil in the kit.


Doterra Peppermint

Inhale this oil deeply to invigorate your lungs and increase alertness. You can also apply to your neck and forehead with Lavender to calm headaches. I put a little of this in my coffee and it was amazing. The small is incredible and one of my favorite scents.

Melaleuca (tea tree oil)

Doterra Tea Tree

You can apply to skin blemishes and rashes as part of your daily cleansing regimen. It’s a terrific antiseptic and works perfectly for minor cuts and even bug bites. Unfortunately it has a very strong smell but you can cut it down by mixing with coconut oil before applying.


Doterra Oregano

You can dilute and apply to the bottom of feed of your kids and yourself as a natural immunity booster or use internally as part of a monthly cleansing regimen for GI health. You can also add this to food as a much stronger oregano flavor concentration.

Deep Blue

Doterra Deep Blue

I was skeptical of the blends at first but after many questions and research I’ve realised that are pure oils with no added fillers so they are still just as safe as the rest of your oils. You can apply deep blue directly to aching joints and muscles after exercise to reduce discomfort.


Doterra Breathe Blend

You can apply topically to your chest and neck to help clear lungs and sinuses or to your child’s feet at night to help with seasonal allergies. I added several drops to my humidifier at night to help with my allergies this time of year. It worked great all night! 🙂


Doterra Digestzen

This one has some pretty cool claims if you have problems with digestion. You can rub on our stomach to ease digestive discomfort, nausea or motion sickness. I have yet to try this one but I occasionally have motion sickness problems or nausea due to allergies and I will let you know how it goes 🙂

On Guard

Doterra OnGuard Blend

I never considered myself much of a neat freak before Bean but she manages to find anything and everything that she shouldn’t be touching. I’ve never been a fan of hand sanitizer because of all of the yucky chemicals but OnGuard combines several natural oils to achieve that same effect to protect you against germs. You can also gargle with it for a great mouth disinfectant.


Doterra Frankinscense

This is the oil I was most excited to try. People swear by this oil and it’s calming effects on hyperactive children but I was a total skeptic until I tried it. Bean is two and she is constantly pushing her boundaries to see how much she can get away with. When doesn’t get her way she melts down. During a melt down I took a drop on my thumb and applied it to the roof of her mouth. I am not exaggerating but in a matter or seconds she was calm, focused and easy to get along with. It was amazing. I’ve tried it a couple of times sense and it’s worked every time. I am hooked. It also has brightening and healing effects with used topically. 🙂

Overall I am thrilled with my purchase and I know I will be purchasing more after we use these. At the end of the day it’s our health and you can’t put a price on it.

Doterra Essential OilsWould you like to see more blogs about using essential oils? Let me know in the comments below!

-Crystal & the Bean

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  1. I love my oils too! Digestzen sold me on Doterra. I was feeling very sick at school & a staff said, “try this.” It worked instantly. Love this stuff!

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