Clothing Tips for potty training & self-dressing toddlers!

Your toddler is going through all kids of changes as they grow up and they may have started potty training and dressing themselves. When selecting clothing for your rapidly growing toddler, here are some tips to help make your life a little easier!

Simple is best! Your toddler’s small hands work best when the task is not complicated. Elastic waists are easy to pull up and down. Buttons, zippers, snaps and belts are difficult so let those wait for a future outfit 😉

Practice putting on training pants and bottoms while sitting down. Toddlers aren’t very good at standing on one leg or hopping around.

Bean putting on her pantsProvide roomy, comfortable pants or bottoms, avoid tight fitting ones. If your child has sensitive skin, check to make sure they are not rough and irritating.

If your child has trouble understanding front and back – try putting a smiley face on the front of training pants with a laundry marker. Show them how to line it up with their belly button.

Training Pants with smileysSelect tops that end at waist length. This will avoid them dipping into the potty. They should slip easily over the head as well.

Just give in on the matching battle. Free will is beginning to be asserted, so don’t fret over things not matching. Most observers know when a child dresses them self.

One trick to matching outfits is to put complete outfits into bags and let your child select a bag of their choice. This can also help if you are on a tight schedule. No need to take forever finding matching items.Clothing in bags

A few secrets from Nana:

On a cold day, place your child’s outfit in the dyer for 5 minutes. It is fun to put on warm clothes.

If your child’s drawstring has escaped – tape the end to a chop stick and put it through to the other end.

Buy your socks in the same color so that you have spares when the dryer eats them.

Talk to you toddler as they dress and you attempt to help. Singing is a great distraction. Just allow plenty of time and retain your sense of humor.

The toddler days are long but the years are short. Treasure them!Bean and NanaDo you have any clothing tips when it comes to you toddler? Let us know in the comments below!

-Crystal, Nana & the Bean

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