Using Up Easter Left Overs – Paleo Club Sandwich Wraps

I had a wonderful Easter celebrating and BBQing with family at my brother-in-laws mother’s house. Seeing the little girls run around hunt for Easter eggs was the cutest! The weather was amazing so my 2 year old niece was quick to get rid of the Easter Sunday dress and into her bathing suit. She’s definitely ready for summer and I am too!

After the big Easter dinner is over, we usually have tons of leftovers because you can never have too much food, right? This year, I made a turkey for my husband and I so I have tons of leftover turkey to use up. Instead of just throwing the leftover turkey in eggs for an egg scramble or into my salads, I decided to take a spin on a classic. Club sandwiches. I love the combination of crispy bacon, creamy avocado and herb roasted chicken or turkey, yum! Since we don’t eat much bread around here, the next best thing was Paleo Club Sandwich Wraps with homemade mayo and avocado spread. My husband usually hates lettuce wraps but this got his seal of approval.

Paleo Club Sandwich Wraps

-1 pound cooked bacon

-1 pound sliced turkey

-1 tomato, sliced

-1 head of Boston lettuce or Romaine

-1 avocado, sliced

-homemade garlic mayo

*Note: You can easily sub the turkey for leftover ham or you can just add ham to the wraps. The ham and turkey flavors would be great together!

My husband and I aren’t big jarred mayo fans but I recently found the easiest mayo recipe from The Healthy Foodie that you can customize after you have the basic recipe made. From this recipe, I’ve made chipotle mayo, garlic mayo and thousand island dressing that turned out perfectly and now I don’t have to buy those mystery ingredient condiments from the store. I did tweak the recipe slightly (shocking, I know) by using lemon instead of lime and adding salt, pepper and a squeeze of mustard but her tutorial on how to make the mayo was perfect for a newbie. To make the garlic mayo I used in these wraps, I added 2 small cloves of chopped garlic before blending. Homemade Garlic MayoNow onto assembling the wraps! Place one piece of lettuce on a plate and layer the garlic mayo, couple slices of turkey, tomato, bacon then avocado. Roll the lettuce and tuck in the ends to keep everything from falling apart. It may take a little work to get everything to stay together, but once the first one is all wrapped up, you’ll be a pro! 🙂

Assembling Paleo Club Sandwich WrapPaleo Club Sandwich Wraps

Do you have a favorite way to use up leftover turkey or ham? Maybe you are drowning in hard boiled eggs from the Easter egg hunt? Grab one our recipes to help you use them up!

Egg Salad

Paleo Ham & Egg Casserole

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