You know you’re a Mom when…

Happy Tuesday! I ran into some issues with the video this week with some technical difficulties and a toddler that wasn’t feeling well but I have a fun blog for you instead! 🙂

I think one of the biggest ways your life changes with a toddler is your thinking changes. Things that you used to gross you out or bother you are the norm now, here are few I came up with to share 🙂

  • Your fantasies are about sleeping.

  • You can bread an entire chicken with the crumbs in your car.

  • Going to the grocery store (or Target) by yourself is a mini-vacation.

Bean eating a popsicle

  • You take a huge purse everywhere so you can smuggle in half of your refrigerator because you never know what your toddler will want.

  • You have a secret stash of chocolate because you are sick of sharing..

  • You can accomplish more in seven minutes than most people do all day.

  • You sing Old McDonald in your car…even when you are alone.

Bean with the elephants

  • You can handle vomit or any bodily fluids and not even flinch.

  • You can recite at least 10 children’s books in the car at a moment’s notice.

  • Your kisses are magical and healing to scrapes and cuts.

Do you have any fun ones to add? Please add them to the comments below!

-Crystal & the Bean

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