DIY Mother’s Day Baskets to do with your Toddlers!

Gardening Lovers Kit

I have a lot of moms in my life, from my own, to other family members and friends. One thing that I have noticed is that they are a group of hardworking, multitasking, and always giving ladies. I am truly impressed by them. Oh, and I love the Dads too, but we will get to them in June 😉

Anyways, I know with the busy day-to-day life, sometimes gift giving for moms (or anyone) can be pushed aside. However, you can include your little one in helping out with Mother’s Day gifts with either crafts, food, or by making gift baskets.

I always like giving (and receiving) gift baskets and sometimes buy them. It can take me a while to select one because I want some of the items or don’t want others. Making one can solve this whole problem and it is super easy!

Pampering Gift Basket

First, you grab a box, basket, or other container to hold the other items.

Second, gather the items and place them in the basket or other containers. If you feel stumped about what to put in it, then use a theme. Popular Mother’s Day themes include, pampering spa products, indulgences, or Mom’s favorite foods. Also, you can make baskets that are focus on hobbies, such as gardening, baking, scrapbooking, movies, sports, or even reading. Really you can make gift baskets out of anything.

Pretty Nails Kit

Have your toddler or other children help select items and make the gift baskets. This can be a fun activity and having the whole family involves adds a special touch.

Lastly, you can add ribbons, cellophane paper, a card, or other decorations. I am not always great about adding bows and such, but it can make your gift look put together.

Bonus Idea: Making homemade pampering beauty products is another way to make your Mother’s Day gift extra special. I made coconut body wash, which I adapted from Mindfully Frugal Mom. Also, check out our past crafting videos and blogs for additional ideas.

DIY Coconut Body Wash

Do you have a Mother’s Day Traditions? What gifts do you like to give to your mom? Post it below!

Celebrating Moms,

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