Teaching your toddler their ABC’s!

Last year we brought your first video with tips, tricks and activities you can use to help your little ones learn their ABC’s. So many people enjoyed it that we’ve decided to bring you another one! It will go up tomorrow afternoon but first I wanted to share one of the crafts from the video!

These are homemade flash cards with a fun spin! First you’ll need some supplies.

Supplies for LettersSupplies:

  • Some permanent markers (multiple colors make it fun)
  • Index Cards
  • 26 clothespins

Start by writing each letter on each of the clothespins. I’d recommend putting the letters on each sides as Bean flipped them over constantly.

Clothespins with Letters

Then write some simple words on your flash cards. You can use words you’ve been working on with your little one or new words you’d like to tackle.

Writing Index CardsThen lay all of your clothespins on the table and help your toddler match the letters on the clothespins with the letters on the flashcards!

Bean using index cards

Bean had so much fun with this! They are great for home, in the car, anywhere! Using the clothespins also helps with motor skills because your little one is having to “open” the clothespin and pin it to the card.

Do you have any creative ways you’ve been working on the alphabet with your little ones? Let me know in the comments below! We’ll be sharing more ideas with the video tomorrow!

-Crystal & the Bean

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