What’s in my diaper bag? Toddler Update!

I wrote a “What’s in my Diaper Bag,” blog about a year ago and as Bean gets older I thought it was time for an update!

Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag Essentials

Since then, I’ve started working full-time so Bean spends a lot more time at home with Nana but last week Nana came down with something and had to go to the hospital. No worries, she is doing great now but I wasn’t as prepared as I have been and I had to toss together some things quickly to take with me to the hospital and keep her fed and entertained.

Well one main thing has stayed the same is I still don’t carry an extra bag. I find that works best for me. Whenever I would carry an extra bag it just seems like it would always be in a different car or I would bring it in the house to refill it and I would leave it sitting on the counter. I always have my purse though so I find that works best!

Here are items I can’t go without for Bean:


Bean readingBooks! Bean just loves books, she reads them to me..I read them to her. It’s great. Check out our, “Top 10 books your toddler must read,” for some great ideas. I try to keep one in my purse at all times. Small puzzles are also great, little dolls, fisher price little people, small cars, anything small and compact. As your toddler gets older it’s a little easier to introduce smaller toys but be careful to check the age restrictions on toys to prevent choking.


Here we go, I totally messed up. In the rush of getting things together and a lack of being prepared I didn’t bring much for Bean to eat. She kept saying, “Hungy, hungy, I am hungy,” so we got in the car and went to a fast food place near the hospital. This is what happened…

Fast Food FailYep, in all of the snacks I make at home and the ones we review I had nothing. The funny thing is Bean didn’t even like the fast food! She ate a couple french fries and that was about it. The lesson in the story is I will always have a bag of non-perishable food items and snacks ready to go in an emergency. Check out some of them we’ve reviewed here.

Diaper Bag Snacks

Happy Family Snacks Review

Little Duck Organics Review

Happy Family Caramel Yogurt Snacks

Diaper/Pull-up/Spare Underwear

I always have a pull up/diaper or extra underoos. Bean is doing pretty good on her potty training but I would much rather be prepared for the worst when it comes to accidents 🙂 I know it might seem weird to have a diaper in my purse at work but I’d rather be a little weird then without a spare option 🙂

Clothing Tips for Self-Dressing, Potty training toddlers

Comfort Items

Bean with pacifier 2Let’s just say Bean’s pacifier and I are not friends. I am ready for it to hit the road and judging by how often Bean loses it, I think Bean is getting over it too. But, for my own sanity and those times when you are stuck somewhere and can’t leave, I personally think it’s alright to have an emergency comfort item in your purse/diaper bag. If it will save you from melting down as well, then it’s worth it.

I don’t carry much of anything else anymore. We don’t really need extra clothes or shoes anymore as she is getting past most of her major accidents. She’s growing up so fast and needing less and less luggage 🙂

What do you still carry for your toddler that can’t be without? Let me know in the comments below!

-Crystal, Nana & the Bean

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