First Aid Remedies – Bug Bite Relief Serum

A couple weeks ago, I shared my essential oil recipe for minor cuts and burns for both toddlers and adults since I can’t seem to stop hurting myself while cooking. With only a couple ingredients, you can heal those ailments with your toddlers pretty quickly with less visible scars (bonus!). If you continue to apply the serum, it’ll continue to heal and fade over time. It’s definitely a must to have in a family first aid kit.

Since it’s safety month, I thought it would be great to share another option for a DIY first aid serum to add to your kit. This one is for those pesky bugs that you and your toddler may run into this summer. Lucky for me, Las Vegas doesn’t get a whole lot of flying, biting, gross bugs. Even if you are lucky with only the occasion annoying fly and fire ants, this serum would be great for those times your toddlers just can’t seem to stop itching after a bite. When in need, this serum will help reduce swelling, pain and itchiness that comes with being attacked bit by a bug.

I found some great resources for DIY essential oil bug sprays after some research and while these won’t be necessary for us lucky Las Vegans, I thought I’d pass them on to you. Try Real Food Enthusiasts bug repellent here or the Living the Nourished Life cream or spray to repel those nasty bugs. Essential Oil Bug Bite Relief Serum

Bug Bite Relief

-1 glass spray bottle or dropper

-2 oz witch hazel

-5 drops lavender

-3 drops tea tree oil

Fill the glass bottle with 2 oz of witch hazel and add both essential oils. Be sure to pick 100% essential oils and not any blends or imposters! Shake well and use. Store at room temperature in your medicine cabinet (out of light) or in your first aid kit.

Why did I choose these for the bug bite relief serum?

Witch hazel was a new one for me. I read on quite a few natural living blogs that witch hazel is good for itching, swelling, eye inflammation, bruises, insect bites and other irritations on the skin. Here are some other great uses for witch hazel.

Lavender has become one of my favorite essential oils to use. The uses seem to be endless but in short, you can use them for calming, antibacterial, minor burns and much more. Here is a great list of other uses for lavender.

Tea tree oil has become a good friend of mine lately. Like lavender, tea tree oil it has plenty of uses around the house from using it in your beauty routine, cleaning around the house or helping with a pesky sinus infection or cold, tea tree oil is a great natural resource. If you need more uses for tea tree oil (or melaleuca oil if using Doterra) here you go!

In case you missed my last post about relieving minor cuts and burns with essential oil, check it out here or whip up the recipe below!

Lavender Essential Oil Burn Serum

–          ½ cup virgin coconut oil

–          20-25 drops lavender essential oil

–          1 tablespoon aloe vera

–          glass container DIY-Essential-Oil-Burn-Serum

What would you say are your “must haves” when putting together a first aid kit with natural remedies?

Stay Safe!

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