Toddler/Baby Proofing Checklist!

Today I wanted to cover a topic that I am sure you all know and love….baby/toddler proofing your house! You don’t realize how much your life has changed our how sterile your house has become until you go visit a friend who doesn’t have children. All of the sudden those things that used to be so nice like pretty vases and decorative picture frames are now targets and potential hazards. How ridiculous, right? Oh well, that’s our reality now..but we are in this together!

Toddler Proofing ChecklistWhether you are just getting started in baby proofing or you’re already a pro, I wanted to provide and printable list that you can reference for ideas and maybe even find some things you missed.

Toddler/Baby Proofing Checklist

  • Baby Gates (any area you don’t want your little one wandering)
  • Electrical Outlet Covers (Cheap, pick them up at Target, Walmart, etc)

Socket Covers

  • Corner Guards for sharp edged furniture
  • Drawer Locks (latches to keep your little one from pulling the drawer open)
  • Door knob covers (keep your little one from turning the knob)
  • Refrigerator Latch
  • Door Stoppers (keep your little one from smashed fingers)
  • Door Locks (place at top of door)

Door Lock

  • Remote Controllers (keep in areas away from your toddler)
  • Secure Objects/Furniture (that can easily be tipped over)
  • Tags/Labels on toys (remove all tags that could be choking hazards)
  • Anti‐slip mats (in the bathtub and on any tile or wooden floors)
  • Garbage Can (keep under the sink or make sure your little one can’t look through it for “treasure,” I guarantee things will end up in their mouth..)

Free Printable PDF of the list above.

Door LocksTry not to get frustrated because unfortunately no matter how much you toddler/baby proof your house, they will find the ONE thing you forgot. Hopefully they won’t get hurt…or at least not permanently 😉

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s video as I will be sharing some of my DIY Toddler proofing ideas! 🙂

Do you have any things that you’ve baby/toddler proofed that I have forgotten? Let me know in the comments below!

-Crystal & The Bean

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