5 ways to keep your toddler safe in large crowds! Parades!

5 Ways to keep your toddler safe large events

With summer here we are spending more time outside at large events, parades and parties! Continuing with safety month, here are 5 Tips for keeping your toddler safe during these events.

1. Brightly colored clothing

Dress your kids in brightly colored clothing and remember what they are wearing. If it’s appropriate for the event it may be fun to dress them in the same type of shirt or outfit so it’s easy to spot them if they get away. Also, snap a quick photo with your cell phone before you leave or right when you get there so if the worst happens and they get away then you have a photo so you can easily describe them to emergency personal and event staff.

Bean at event2. Hand-Holding

Always, always, always encourage your little ones to hold your hand. Sometimes I have to force Bean to hold my hand at first but she gets used it after a little while. Toddlers are mischievous and fast. They can get away in seconds and run into traffic or disappear in a large crowd.

3. Talk about stranger-danger

This is a difficult topic when it comes to toddlers because we want to encourage our kids to be nice and make friends but how do we teach the differences between dangerous strangers and extended family… Well, I try to make it clear to Bean when we are in public places that she shouldn’t talk to anyone she doesn’t know. If for some reason she can’t find one of us then go to another Mommy with her kids. This is best way I find to describe someone who is non-threatening.

4. Bring someone to help you

Ask someone to come along like your significant other, sisters, brothers, grandparents, whoever you trust and like to spend time with. Just having one person along can really help and relieve some stress. Make it fun and go together as a family. 🙂

Parade Crowd5. Child Safety Harnesses

This a such a controversial topic I debated adding it to this list.. but to be honest, child safety harnesses have their place. Is it a way to forget about and keep your child on a leash like an animal? Absolutely not. But, lets face it, toddlers are exploring their independence. Any time the Bean can get away from me she does. So, if you are in a situation where a little piece of mind will keep you from stressing then ignore what people will think and keep your kiddo safe.

Are you headed to any large events or parades this summer? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if I missed any tips, please share them with me 🙂

-Crystal & the Bean

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