Keeping your toddlers safe in the kitchen

Getting your little ones to help out in the kitchen can be fun and educational, but safety needs to be on the mind at all times. My niece, Aubrey, loves to help out in the kitchen but with so many items that can cause little ones harm, I’ve created a list of simple tips that can help ease your stress and pump up the fun factor for you and your kids.

Adult supervision

This is a must! Anytime a child is helping out in the kitchen, don’t be more than a few steps away monitoring and guiding them through the recipe or task. Bean and Nana Coloring

Pick the right time & be patient

I’d suggest picking a meal or snack that doesn’t need to be rushed. I know when I come home, I’m rushing to get dinner on the table within a reasonable amount of time so dinner might not be the best option. When you’re rushing, accidents could happen and your child won’t be given the most attention since you’re trying to do too many things at once. Have your child help on the weekend or during an easy after dinner dessert. Lily decorating brownies - toddler approved kitchen help

Age appropriate tasks & tools

When your kids are little, have them complete little tasks like counting out fruit or chocolate chips for a muffin recipe. Have them point out the different ingredient colors to keep them entertained and engaged while adding a fun educational boost. My niece loves homemade whip cream, so my sister lets her pour in the whipping cream and turn on the mixer. Another fun task is having them decorate cookies or other treats. Avoid knives, recipe steps involving hot items or raw meats to keep your little ones safe.

2-3 Year old kitchen TASKS

-Breaking/snapping: easy vegetables

-Scrubbing: vegetables or fruits

-Tearing: bread

-Washing hands

-Wiping counters/table tops

-Cutting out shapes with cookie cutters



-Pouring: batter or cool mixtures

-Rolling with hands: doughLily Rolling Out Dough - Toddler in the kitchen

General Kitchen Safety Tips

-Keep sharp knives out of reach of children & away from edges of counters

-Teach your children about heat sources and proper use (ie. keep metal & foil out of the microwave, don’t touch the stove or oven when on, etc)

-Turn pot handles inward toward the back of the range. This will prevent accidentally bumping into them and knocking them off the stove.

-Don’t add water to a grease fire! Use baking soda or cover with a lid for small fires. Reach for a fire extinguisher or call 911 for large fires.

-Keep towels/flammable items away from the stove and electrical appliances away from water sources.

-If you burn yourself, immediately put area under cold water for a few minutes before starting burn treatment.

-Keep the kitchen clean! That means cleanliness with anyone assisting with cooking (hand washing, cross-contamination, etc) as well as keeping your kitchen workspace clean.

Quick recipes to get your kids “cooking”

Ants on a log – spread favorite nut butter onto celery and top with raisins

Apple & banana bites – spread sliced fruit (adult slicing the fruit) with favorite nut butter and top with chopped nuts, raisins or shredded coconut

Cinnamon Fruit Dip & Vanilla Yogurt Dip – pour ingredients into a small bowl and let your toddlers mix them together.

Chocolate & Pumpkin Spice Fruit Dips

MORE OF Our favorite snack recipes

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How do you get your toddlers or kids to help out in the kitchen? Do they have any favorite tasks?

Happy Cooking,

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