Foto Friday!

Happy Friday! What a fun week it’s been around here. You can tell it’s summer as we’ve jumped into summer foods and treats! I started the week with a video with several summer friendly recipes, then Bean and I got creative and made Ice Cream in a bag! Sarah shared a delicious Watermelon Granita that would be great for you to share with your little ones and very easy to make an adult version after the kiddos go to bed! Lastly, Mrs. Know it all broke down several of our favorite summer foods detailing their health benefits!

Now onto the real reason you are here….the photos!

Heidi and Robert had a nice and relaxed 4th of July. They hungout at home and Heidi made dinner and dessert.

IMG_1458Heidi said, “I made ribs in the crockpot with corn and apple carrot coleslaw. It was simple but yummy! For dessert, I made peanut butter brownies with vanilla bean ice cream. In my quest to find healthy desserts this recipe was gluten-free and didn’t have much added sugar. And they were so yummy!” Wow they really do look yummy! I want to come to your house next time you bust out the crockpot 🙂

With Summer in full swing, it has been so warm in Los Angeles, that Heidi decided to cut her hair!

IMG_1457Heidi said, “It has been a fun change and much cooler!” Looks great, Heidi!! 🙂

For 4th of July we headed out to Floyd Lamb Park to check out the different areas. We are considering having our wedding there in March of next year and we wanted to scope it out.

Floyd Lamb ParkIt was really peaceful and nice. The areas by the water are great! It may be a little cold in March though here in Vegas. We have a few more areas to scope out and we’ll keep your updated 🙂

Anytime Bean and I can escape to the park, we do! Bean is growing up fast and it amazes me how she really doesn’t need me at all…it also makes me a little sad…but I am alright 😉 Anyways, she climbs, slides, swings on the bars and has a ball.

Playground Fun!Sarah had a wonderful time celebrating the 4th of July with her family at her dad’s house for a big BBQ/pool party!

photo 1(6)Sarah said, “The 4th also happens to be my cousin, Andrea’s, birthday so we had a cake and ice cream for her to show the love.” 🙂 Happy belated birthday Andrea!!!

photo 2(4)Sarah said, “In the middle of the 4th fireworks, it started to down pour so we headed inside and then to the backyard patio to hide out and take selfies lol. While we missed any strip fireworks, my parents neighborhood put on a big show for a couple hours. It was nuts seeing all the illegal fireworks!”

That’s all for this week! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Any big plans? Let us know in the comments below!

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