Paleo Teriyaki Grilled Pork Tenderloin and Vegetable Kabobs

Summertime brings delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables and I’m the first one to take advantage of them. My favorite cooking method in the summer is grilling because it doesn’t heat up the house, I can usually lounge in the pool in between rotating the meat and it lends a great smokey flavor to the dish. The past few summers, I’ve been experimenting with grilling vegetables and my current favorites are mushrooms and zucchini. If your toddlers don’t happen to like these vegetables, swap them out for tomatoes, onions, other squash or even throw some fruit on there. Grilled pineapple is amazing on the grill! Almost anything grilled is delicious for those picky eaters. Plus, the kabobs are on a stick and kids love things on a stick!

After going Paleo, it’s been a challenge to eat any Chinese food outside of my house so I’ve created a delicious teriyaki marinade that you can use for all different types of meat and vegetables that is gluten free and mystery ingredient free. 🙂 This would also be great to use in a stir fried faux rice dish using cauliflower as the rice with mixed vegetables and maybe leftover pork or chicken. Paleo Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin

Paleo Teriyaki Grilled Pork Tenderloin

-1-2 pound pastured pork tenderloin (or pork chops) – I get mine from Christiansen’s Farm

-1/3 cup coconut aminos (gluten free & soy free alternative to soy sauce)

-1 tablespoon coconut oil (or olive oil)

-1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar

-3 large cloves garlic, grated

-1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger

-1/2 tablespoon honey

-1/2 teaspoon pepper flakes or to taste

-salt & pepper, to taste

Vegetable kabobs

-2 large zucchini, sliced in 1/2 inch chunks

-1 package of button mushrooms

-1/2 tablespoon coconut oil

-1 teaspoon each; oregano, rosemary, thyme, onion powder

-salt & pepper to taste

Add the marinade ingredients into a small bowl and mix until well combined. Put pork tenderloin or chops in a large plastic resealable plastic bag and add marinate. Make sure to submerge the meat so all parts are covered. Marinate the pork in the fridge for a minimum of one hour.

Add sliced zucchini and button mushrooms to large bowl and season with coconut oil, salt, pepper and dried herbs. Mix well then skewer vegetables on medal reusable skewers or soaked wood skewers by alternating vegetables. Herb Roasted Veggie KabobsOnce pork has been marinated, grill on medium heat to create grill marks then set aside on the grill to finish cooking with indirect heat. Cooking on indirect heat with prevent the outside from burning while fully cooking the pork. The pork needs to reach 145 degrees to be considered safe to eat. Once pork is set off the flame, add the vegetable kabobs and cook until vegetables are tender, about 10-15 minutes. When pork reaches 145 degrees, take off the grill and let sit for a few minutes. Remove vegetables from the medal skewers and enjoy!

*Note: If you want to leave them on the wood or bamboo sticks, be sure to cut off the sharp top before giving them to your kiddos!

What are you favorite things to grill? Do you have any great marinates that I need to try?

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