Quick Homemade Salsa – Paleo & Toddler Friendly

This week we’ve all apparently had burritos on our minds but you can’t enjoy a delicious homemade burrito without salsa and guacamole right? I could eat guacamole with everything and I usually make my super easy guacamole recipe from a few months ago.

Salsa is another one of my favorite things to make because you can customize it to the individual tastes of your family. If your toddler loves loves spicy foods but another member wants it mild, you can easily customize each batch.

Quick Homemade Salsa

-2 pounds fresh tomatoes

-1/2 yellow or red onion

-3 cloves garlic

-1 handful cilantro

-1 jalapeño, seeded

-1 lime, juiced

-salt & pepper

I like chunky salsa so I typically roughly chop all the ingredients and serve in a large bowl. Another option is to add the onion, garlic, 1/2 the tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeño, salt, pepper and lime to a blender or food processor and pulse until everything is finely blended. Add the rest of the tomatoes and pulse until desired texture is reached. Taste and add salt & pepper as needed. Serve with sliced veggies, your favorite tortilla chips or store in a glass jar with a lid.

Gotta use up those glass salsa jars!

Gotta use up those glass salsa jars!

Salsa doesn’t have to just be a side dish to serve with chips. You can marinate chicken with it or slow cook your favorite protein in it. The fresh flavors from the tomatoes, garlic and cilantro are a great addition to faux rice as well. For an additional kick of flavor, you can roast or lightly grill all the salsa ingredients for a delicious smokey flavor. That is my favorite way to use up overly rip vegetables.

Have fun experimenting with your salsa!

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