August 22 Foto Friday

Boy has this been a whirlwind week for us at Beanster’s Bytes! We’ve been busy testing new recipes, trying out new products for the family and teaching the little ones in our life to have great manners. Catch up on the blogs you missed this week below!

Grain-Free Fish Sticks

Paleo Dairy Free Avocado Crema

Pirate’s Booty Product Review

Tips for teaching toddlers manners

Now onto the fun stuff, our recap of photos!

Heidi made a big announcement recently, she’s moving to Sunnyvale, California next week! Her and her husband, Robert, have been packing, organizing, and getting rid of unwanted items in preparation for their big move. She said, “We have a huge list of To Do’s to keep us from getting overwhelmed and everyday more items get crossed off. So far so good. We are both looking forward to this new adventure!” Heidi Moving to Sunnyvale, CA

Between all the packing madness, Heidi snuck off to see her newest Nephew, Oliver. She said, “He is so sweet, mellow, and just about the cutest little thing. It was a great way to relax for a bit and hangout with family.” How adorable is he? Heidis Nephew, Oliver

Lily’s newest obsession is playing on the playground at the park. Last Friday, Crystal said, “Bean ran up to me and said can we go to playground now?” How could she resist that? Crystal also said, “She is really growing up fast and can climb up areas where she couldn’t before. It fun watching her achieve the little things :)” Lily at the Park

Since they had such a fun time last Friday, Lily has be begging to go in the mornings but unfortunately Crystal has to go to work. Lily has been sending off Crystal by waving through the window as Crystal leaves the house. Look at that face! Being an adult stinks sometimes huh Crystal? Morning Goodbye

Last weekend, we made a quick trip to Brian Head, UT with some family to celebrate my awesome brother-in-law, Paco’s, birthday. We rented an amazing cabin and spent time chatting by by the campfire, racing Rzr off road vehicles and exploring the mountains. The weather was gorgeous and the company was even better. I’m so lucky to have a great immediate and extended family! =) Brian Head CampingBrian Head Birthday Bash

Thanks for joining us today! We hope you have a fabulous weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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