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We have a ton of celebrations coming up. Both my niece, Aubrey, and Lily will turning 3 and having super fun birthday parties. Not only are birthdays around the corner, traditional holidays will be here before you know it. Whether or not you like to have parties at your home or out in a fun location, like Crystal recommended earlier this week, you need tons of toddler friendly finger foods.

To curb the crashes and tantrums from sugar overloads, we thought it would be great to bring you plenty of easy options for your next gathering. We have vegetable, fruit and protein options that will please everyone in the family. From skewers to platters to dips, we’ve got you covered!

Tomato Skewers

-Pint of cherry tomatoes

-1 cup of mushrooms

-20 slices salami or pepperoni

-cup cubed cheese (optional)

Carefully skewer the tomato, mushrooms, salami and cheese (if using) on toothpicks or for a more toddler friendly option, coffee stirrers.

Tomato SkewersYou can serve these delicious little bites with a ranch dip or my favorite guacamole. You can go the traditional route I shared or you can try the creamy and a bite tangy yogurt avocado cremaHealthy Homemade Guacamole

Delicious Toddler Friendly Finger Foods

Grilled Vegetable Skewers

Simply reduce the size of the skewers from this recipe and you will have another great option for your finger food table.

Herb Roasted Veggie Kabobs

Fruit Skewers

American Flag Fruit Skewers

Elmo Fruit & Vegetable Platters

Elmo & Grouch Fruit Platter

Energy Bites

Energy Bite

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

Fruit Kabobs

Vanilla Yogurt Protein Dip


Cucumber Roll Ups

Ham cream cheese cucumber

Remember to plan ahead and allow yourself to have fun at the party. Don’t get stuck in the kitchen! Take some of our healthy and delicious finger food recipes and enjoy a wonderful spread at your next party!

Happy Eats,

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