September 19th Foto Friday

It has been another fun and full week at Beanster’s Bytes. Catch up on any blogs you may have missed:

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Now catch up on what we did when we were away from the keyboard!


Crystal and Eric had a fun date night this week and we went to Casa Don Juan in downtown Vegas. Crystal said, “it’s one of my favorite places and Eric had never been. It was super delicious and is his new favorite place!”

Date Night!

Lily has two tee-ball practices a week and is starting to pay off. Crystal said, “She tries really hard and loves the run the bases! Her first game is only two weeks away!”

Toddler Tee Ball


Sarah started her new job as social media manager at MGM Grand recently and has been having a blast. Her first event was the Mayweather vs Maidana fight at the Grand Garden Arena. Sarah said, “it was a great event to cover. Mayweather won the fight and from my coworkers, they said it was the smoothest fight they’ve covered, so lucky me.”

MGM Fight

Sarah and her family celebrated her niece Aubrey’s 3rd birthday. Sarah said, “Aubrey had a super fun party with Little Mermaid making an appearance and face painted the toddlers! I can’t believe she is already 3, time has flown by!”

Princess  3 year old Party


This week was full of fun events and some how I didn’t take a single picture… fail. I did take a picture of the new vacuum! I am a simple lady who enjoys a good vacuum. We had this old one for years that more or less moved the dirt around vs. sucking it up. So when this beauty arrived I was excited!

Hover Vacuum

Miles and Ella get their picture taken every few days and this week was no different. Happy pups that are all about the cuddles and relaxing in their beds 🙂

Ella and Miles

What are you up to this weekend? What weekend activities do you like to do with your kids? Post your comments below!

Happy Friday,

Heidi and the BB Ladies

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