Organizing Tips for Moving! Great for Fall Cleaning too!

Recently, my husband and I moved from Los Angeles to Northern California. Aside form the actual move there is often lots of sorting, decision making, and questions about your family’s stuff.

Why do I have this? Where did this come from? Will I need this?

It can be downright overwhelming and maddening, especially if you have little ones. Fear not, I LOVE to organize and have loads of tips to help you survive the organizing of stuff. All of these tips can also be used for fall cleaning too.

Moving Day!

When to Sort: Some people like to go through their stuff pre-move and others like to do it after. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Pre-Sorting Advantages: Less to move, boxes are packed with more like items, and could be easier to donate, get rid of, or give back any unwanted items.
  • Pre-Sorting Disadvantages: You may ended up rebuying an item you got rid of (after moving), may not have the time, or it may not be realistic.
  • Post-Sorting Advantages: More likely to utilize your belongings without buying new ones, and you can take your time sorting.
  • Post-Sorting Disadvantages: Could make a mess in your new house, may be harder to donate or give back, and it can take longer to sort through everything.

Keep, Get Rid of, or Maybe Piles: Creating 3 piles of “keep, get rid of, or maybe” piles will help you stay organized. The keep items should be boxed and sealed up (if moving or put away if cleaning). For the “get rid of pile,” designate a corner of your house that will hold these items. This will help keep them from getting packed and make it easier to get rid of. Also, if you are giving back items make a list so as you see people you remember to give them items. The “maybe” pile should be in another corner and should have items that you are on the fence about. Sometimes, just setting them aside will help you make a decision.

Nostalgic Possessions: These items can be the hardest to sort through. I am currently sorting through boxes of childhood journals, photos, letters, etc. At first, I had no idea what to do with them and have limited space. So I began to sort through them and organize everything. Once I knew what I had I could move forward. I have since decided to scrapbook some of the important things and scan anything that doesn’t make the cut. Also, I may get rid of anything that no longer has significance.

Pure Moving Truck

After the Move:

Everything has a Home: When you are putting items away after a move or big clean, make sure that everything has a place. Thus, avoid throwing unrelated items in a cabinet or creating a junk drawer.

Start with 15 minutes: If you have a closet, room, or project that feel overwhelming, then start with 15 minutes. Breaking down a large project into smaller ones will make it feel more attackable. You can also break project down by a shelf, closet, bin, etc.

Also, if “getting it right” the first time overwhelms you, like me, then remember you can always change it. Sometimes, you do not know how it is going to work until later. It may not be convenient, gets messy, or doesn’t work for another family member.

Keep daily-used items handy: This may seem super obvious, but keeping the most used items in a spot that is easy to access will save you from frustration and time.

Pack away any seasonal items: If you have items that are seasonal, then pack them away until they are needed again. This will help protect them and make other items more accessible.

Storage: Storage areas will work best if there are kept clean and organized like the rest of your home. This will help maximize the spaces use and be easier for you to see what you use and do not. And if you do not have a lot of storage space then utilize what you do have; under the bed, furniture that has storage, or get creative with your closets.

Tools: Now days most stores have endless things to help you organize. While most of these items are very useful it can be tempting to buy carts full of things. Creating a list and buying only what you need will help utilize any mess. Also, hold on to your receipts in case you buy something and do not use it. Seems obvious but I currently have containers that I am storing that do not have a use.

Lastly, when it comes to organizing or unpacking make the best out of it. Listen to music, an audiobook, or make a game out it. This will help make a tedious task fun and hopefully it will go faster. Harry Potter, anyone?

What are your organizing tips? Questions or Comments? Post it below!

Organizing and Lovin’ it!

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