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Recently, the Beanster’s Bytes crew got a request for meal planning applications that we love, use, or tried out.

Until I started researching and trying out meal planning apps I didn’t realize my current process was a bit spread out. I write out the meals for the week in my productivity app, then make a list in my grocery app, and usually search the web or Pinterest for recipe ideas. One advantage is access at any time as they are all on my phone. One disadvantage, I have to switch between apps and it is not efficient. Alas, there may be some room for improvement. 😉

Kitchen Stories:

Features: Recipes, How to Videos, Favorites Sections, Shopping list, and Essentials section.


  • Recipes range from easy to hard, with how to videos and detail instructions and tips. Also, there is an option to change servings and the ingredients amount increase accordingly.
  • How-to-Videos and the Essential section are great for the beginning cook or to learn new skills.
  • Shopping List is generated by the recipes you pick and organized by each recipe.
  • Platform: iPhone and iPad apps, syncs between both.


  • Recipe choices are limited by what is included on the applications. If it is possible, to add outside recipes I could not figure it out.
  • Shopping List is separated by recipes and cannot be edited or combined.

Verdict: This app is great for people wanting to improve their cooking skills and learn specific recipes.


Features: Meal planning, shopping list, pantry list, a recipe section, and customizable options.


  • Meal Planning sections allows for scheduling for each meal and snacks up to 4 weeks in advance. There is even an option to schedule for dining out. Also, it has customizable templates.
  • Shopping List is broken up by aisles in store and is easy to edit for the amount, what you have, or by store. Also, there is separate Pantry section that allows you to keep track of what you currently have in your home.
  • Recipe section comes loaded with tons of food options and even has a feature to allow you to add your own.
  • Platform: iPad, iPhone, and website. Syncing feature between all platforms.


  • Adding recipes can be tedious to do by hand and if you want to import recipes from the website there is a list you can. It includes paleo, vegetarian, food network, and others. I found it to be a bit limiting considering I have Pinterest boards full of recipes.
  • The general setup of the app takes some effort especially if you want to import your own recipes.

Verdict: This app is great for meal planning for large families or anyone wanting to keep detail recipes and lists.


Features: Recipes, meal planning, shopping list, search feature, and settings.


  • Recipes can easily add to your own recipes with the built-in template (in the app). Recipes can be imported via the website.
  • Meal Planning can be done months in advance with morning, mid-day, and evening options.
  • The shopping list features create a grocery list based off of the recipes added and sorts the ingredients by either aisle or recipe. Also, allows for editing items and moving them to a different section.
  • Search section allows for easy searching of recipes or ingredients.
  • The bookmark is a feature to use with your web browser and allows you to import recipes directly into the pepperplate website.
  • Platform: Available for smartphone and most tablets. Also, available features a website. Syncs between all three platforms.


  • Importing recipes needs to be added to the website and if you do not have the bookmark feature you can only add recipes from the listed websites.

Verdict: Great overall app for anyone who wants to have a collection of recipes at their fingertips. Also, great for a cook who likes to search the web for their next meal.


Update: Ziplist is no longer available! 

Features: Shopping list, recipes, search, store locations, and discover feature.


  • Shopping list allows for multi-lists with each list organized by grocery store aisles. Easy to edit and includes a note and coupon section.
  • On the app, you can view the recipes you have added as well as trending recipes provided from ziplist.
  • Store locations allow you to view the grocery stores nearby in list or map formats.
  • The Discover section features the recipe of the day, things you may need, and recipes you may like. Great feature for expanding your recipes.
  • Recipe Clipper: Much like the Pepperplate bookmark, allows for adding of recipes from the web browser to the ziplist site.
  • Platform: Available for smartphones and most tablets including Android and iPhone. Also, a website with recipe clipper.


  • Only able to create your own recipes from the website and not from the app.

Verdict: Great meal planning app and website for anyone that wants a quick easy way to add recipes from the web and create shopping lists.

Do you use a meal planning app? What is your favorite?

Planning & Eating,

Mrs. Know it All

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