Erin Condren Life Planner – 6 months later! GIVEAWAY!

So about 6 months ago I shared a different kind of blog with you guys about one of my secret obsessions…old school planners 🙂 After years of using planners I decided to step it up to an Erin Condren Life Planner that so many people rave about all over the internet. It was an investment at about $75 and I had no idea if it would actually work for me.

My EC 6 Months LaterMy life has been a little crazy this past 6 months with working full time, teaching several college classes, planning a wedding…and oh yeah..raising a 3 year old! Suprisingly I have managed to keep it all together and I have to admit, a lot of it has to do my planner! I never misplace a “to do” list and rarely miss an appointment (it’s usually intentional..haha.) I also have most of my actions documented so I can always look back to see what we were doing on a certain day 🙂

My EC Weekly SpreadBefore I recieved my planner I read tons and tons of reviews that people had done and I started to notice an almost cult-like following for these planners. After I started using mine I started joining Facebook Groups and following people on Instagram who decorated their planners. I could resist so I grabbed some washi tape and started decorating mine too!Decorating my life plannerOver the months decorating my planner has become a fun little hobby and I enjoy buying stickers and other items on Etsy!

One of the shops I came across is LifePlannerWashiTape, she has some of cutest stickers available! They are super functional, super high quality and work perfectly with the Erin Condren boxes.Etsy Shop LifePlannerWashiTapeAnother shop I came across is Pages N Memories. I love, love her checklist flags! They fit perfectly and allow me to create my own “to do” lists, shopping lists, whatever I want to check off.Etsy Shop Pages N MemoriesLastly, Erin Condren Life Planners are coil bound and sometimes I want to add something I don’t want to lose like an envelope for my receipts, a sports schedule for Lily and my brainstorming sheets I use for this blog. Etsy shop, StickeBeans sells coil clips that are the highest quality in my opinion. They last for a really long time..well, actually I have yet to wear any out! They also have the only “decorated” clip I’ve seen! They make everything even cuter when sticking it into my planner.Etsy Shop StickeBeans

So each of these Etsy shops have offered special goodies for you guys just for reading this blog!

LifePlannerWashiTape has offered 10% off of your order of $4 or more! Just use the code: TENOFF at checkout!

Pages N Memories has offered 20% OFF!! Just use the code: Beanster20 at checkout until January 31st.

and StickeBeans has offered 10% OFF!! Just use the code: Beanster10 at checkout until January 31st.

That’s not all though, StickeBeans is also sponsoring a GIVEAWAY of a personalized notebook bundle!!

All you have to do is

So I am definitely a fan of my Erin Condren and I LOVE that it is encouraging so many people to open their own businesses offering products to use with your planner. I think I am fan for life! 🙂

Be sure to check the Beanster’s Bytes Youtube Page as we will be doing a budgeting/planning video in the next couple of weeks! Would you like more planning blogs like this? Let me know in the comments below!

-Crystal & the Organized Bean

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    • What a wonderful post, thank you for sharing and thank you for the opportunity to win this notebook! I organize my life by using a planner and making to do list and sticking to them.

  1. i am a work at home, homeschooling, mom of 3. I plan everything from school, to chores, to errands, to work. Keeps me together 🙂

  2. To tell you the truth my life is a mess. I have a 2.5 year old and 5 month old. I have huge life changing goals for myself and my family this year and would benefit greatly from a planner. I’m planning on going back to school for a career in computers. It’s going to be challenging and I know I can do it and I know a beautiful EC planner would really help me organize my life.

  3. Great post ~ thanks you for sharing. Just what I needed to see, I’ve been juggling a complex productivity excel spreadsheet which I keep forgetting to look! Looks like this could be the perfect solution 🙂

  4. I love this post!
    I organize my life with just my phone! I use my notes and well, just try to remember everything! Some times I’ll jot things down onto a sticky note and stick it to my mirror if it’s super important! A planner would be amazing and so much help!

  5. I currently rely on my iPhone as a ‘planner’; I am ashamed to say! It has not worked. It isn’t quick to make notes, scedule appointments, or have any kind of weekly schedule to visually look at. I don’t want to be notified 1 week before- then I’ll forget. I forget to look in my iCal daily- so it really is just a mess!
    I’ve been wanting one of Erin’s planners for a few years now but haven’t taken the plunge.
    I hope to win and organize my life!!

  6. I am so excited to receive my first Erin Condren planner. I have a crazy schedule of working three jobs and taking night classes to complete my Masters in Business Admin degree. I love everything I do including working with some amazing kids in an afterschool program. I plan on using my planner to keep track of assignments and due dates and plan out my week for my afterschool program. I love everything about ECLP and I cannot wait for mine to come in the mail.

  7. I used to use an electronic calendar to keep track of everything, but this year, I invested in an Erin Condren Life Planner. Writing everything down is helping to keep me even more organised.

  8. Hey! I start my second semester in college next week. What REALLY helped me stay organized my first semester was buying a basic 5 by 7 planner for writing in my assignments and their due dates. I don’t like carrying around a planner that’s as large as one of my note books. I have a bunch of highlighters in all sorts of colors and I highlight the name of the class the assignment is due for (I don’t know if this makes sense lol) Anyway, this “tip” has really helped me stay organized and on top of all my assignments. After I’ve finished that assignment I cross it off with a bright yellow highlighter, crossing assignments off with that highlighter makes me feel like I’ve achieved a goal lol. I’ve tired using the calendar on my iPhone but writing things down works so much better for me. I’ve love to own a planner where I can organize everything else along with my assignments such as bills and other expenses.

  9. I organize my life with my EC life planner and my On-the-Go notebook from EC. I would be lost without them both, between being a wife, mother of 3, a Scentsy Consultant, and a DoTerra consultant I stay pretty busy. I am an EC junkie to say the least. Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  10. I bought my first ECLP this year and it has been keeping my on track of everything as needed, as well as making organization fun because of the fun ways to decorate!! I am 16 and I’ve always been a planner girl, the EC is my all time fave!

  11. I am currently also using the life planner. it has improved my actually doing things cause I am wanting to accomplish what I write down as opposed to just being lazy. haha.

  12. I am so very thankful that I just began organizing my life with my ECLP that I bought myself for Christmas. Making checklists in the daily spaces has greatly improved my productivity! I used to schedule my life using my phone, but it’s been so easy to convert to paper planning. I am especially grateful now because my home was burglarized this week. Besides taking all my jewelry (including my wedding ring:( ), they also took all my electronics (computer, iPad, etc.) and destroyed many things in my office. Luckily I had my ECLP with me. I’m so glad I have it as a paper back up so all my future plans and lists are saved! I will now always use a paper planner in the future!

  13. I am using my planner to track my food and water intake, errands, exercise, and devotions. It’s really helping me to stay on track with life. I am loving it!

  14. ELECTRONIC! But I keep a sermon notebook. a school planner for my boys homework/to dos and also a meal planner. Hoping to narrow the pile down.

  15. Hello! Thanks for your post. It’s always fun to learn about Etsy planner shops.

    I am a color coder when it comes to keeping organized. I have different colored pens that I carry with my planner at all times.

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