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Welcome to the first blog, in a recurring series here at Beanster’s Bytes called Trending Bytes! Each month, Crystal and I will tell you what we are loving, using, and have become our favorites. I am kicking it off the February Edition today, come back tomorrow to check out what’s trending in Crystal’s life.

Instant Pot –

Instant Pot

As I have a pretty small kitchen I fought getting another appliance and now that I have it, I cannot imagine life without it! It can do many different functions (slow cooker, pressure cooker, makes rice, yogurt, etc.). I have mostly used the pressure cooker function and it makes dinner in a snap. I even threw frozen chicken breasts in and were cooked within 30 minutes. What really sold me is that I could make hard boiled eggs in the pressure cooker. For some unexplained reason, I cannot make hard boiled in a pot on the stove… I know, I know; it is a basic cooking skill. And no matter how many times people give me their tips, I end up with these weird half cooked eggs…

Hard boiled Eggs Fail

No more! In the Instant Pot, the eggs come out perfectly! It is the simple and quick things that make the difference for me.

Hard boiled eggs

Brian Fallon’s Song “Wonderful Life” 

For me, 2016 is all about creating and living a life that I love, challenges me, and when I look back on I can feel proud of my accomplishments, new memories, and can grow from. No sooner did I declare this that my life got big, fast, and complicated, which lead to some feelings of being overwhelmed and fear of not being able to live up to my declaration.

One thing that really helps me is to slow down, redirect myself, and let off some steam is to listen to music. I love to dance, sing, and just let go for a moment. Sometimes this turns into full on dance parties in my house with my husband and dogs involved (sorry downstairs neighbor). So when the musician Brian Fallon, released his new song “Wonderful Life,” I knew I had found my anthem for 2016. I may even get to see the live version soon, which if he is as good solo as with his other band Gaslight Anthem it will be amazing.

Brian Fallon Quote 

Lady Grey Tea –

With the cooler days of winter upon the Bay Area, I have been all about an afternoon cup of Lady Grey Tea with a splash of cream. Not only does it warm me up, but the hints of citrus really perk me up midday. I opt for decaf, but there is also caffeinated too. If like me, you love Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea, then you will likely have a new favorite tea. 

Lady Grey Tea

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite things right now. Check out Crystal edition of Trending Bytes tomorrow too!

What is trending in your life, house, or you cannot live without?

Hard Boiled Eggs & Dance Parties,


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