Trending Bytes February Edition – Crystal

Hey there! Can you believe we are in March already? We even had an extra day this year and I still feel like its flying by 🙂 February was jam packed with Birthday celebrations, Valentines day and the all of the usual stuff going on. To keep myself from feeling overwhelmed, I use my a paper planner and an online project management software so I don’t have to clog up my thoughts with all of the things I need to accomplish so two things that were trending for me were:



This online program and app is FREE, it’s intuitive, allows you to create lists, action plans, calendars and more! Heidi and I use it to organize the blog, I use it with my team at work and I even use it for travel and upcoming events in my personal life. It allows me to collaborate with anyone anywhere. 🙂 You can change you backgrounds to make your boards seem a little more festive like this one I am using to plan our trip to Disneyland! I am also very old school with my organizing and I still use a paper planner. I couldn’t have made it through February without my Inkwell planner in my A5 Filofax!

Inkwell Press planner in Gold Filofax Saffiano

Crystals Planner

I write everything down as you can see. It helps me to really focus on the moments and not about what I am forgetting. If it’s not in my planner, it’s probably not going to happen 🙂 If you are forgetting things in your life and missing deadlines, I highly recommend trying out a planner, it was a game changer for me. Next up is one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received:

Polaroid Zip Printer

Polaroid Zip

This thing is AMAZING! I love it! You take photos on your phone, your camera, wherever and use their free app to make collages or print full size photos, it prints in about a minute onto sticker paper that you can do whatever you want with. 🙂 I’ve been cutting them up and putting them in my planner as memories 🙂 I’ve also used them to make cards and other crafting projects. It is such a fun little printer and perfect for memories.

Last but certainly not least isn’t really an item. One of my favorite things is to spend time with Lily and during the warmer months, we make it a priority to have some park time as often as we can.

Playground/Park time with Lily.

Park time

Time goes by sooooooo fast and just recently Lily started swinging on the big kid swings. 🙂 Moments like these are always a Trending Byte for me.

Did you catch Heidi’s blog from yesterday? What is trending for you right now? Let me know down below 🙂


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