5 Tips for Surviving Seasonal Allergies


So I had a plan and it involved some deep cleaning and telling you all my tips and tricks. However, my body had a different plan. I woke up on Saturday morning with swollen, watery eyes, runny nose, and my throat was itchy. When I got over my panic that I might be getting sick I realized what the culprit was… Seasonal Allergies. While I am lucky to only be allergic to one tree, when it blooms (olive trees) once a year; I am not lucky that this tree is all over my neighborhood. An oversight for sure…

I figure in between blowing my nose I would share some tips for surviving seasonal allergies.

Drink Water, Lots of Water!

I usually recommend people drink half their body weight in ounces. When you are under the weather you need to drink this much and more. The reason is that drinking plenty of water will help flush the histamine from your body. Histamines are part of the immune system’s response to foreign invaders like pollen, dust, mold, etc. and are to blame for a runny nose, itchy eyes, and other symptoms that come with seasonal allergies.

Bonus Tip: Try to limit beverages that dehydrate the body (i.e. caffeine or alcohol). Herbal teas and broths are great. If you drink coffee or tea every day and will get a headache if you skip it, then have a cup. You are trying to limit the pain, not add to it.


Your body is using all available energy to fight off the pollen and other irritants. So rest. Take a nap. Go to bed earlier. Figure out a way to give yourself a break. It can make the difference for your health.

Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!

If you can avoid your particular seasonal allergy trigger, then do it. If like me you cannot, then limit your exposure. Check pollen counts, keep doors and windows shut. Also, pollen is most abundant hours leading up to a storm and hours after. If you can, stay inside.

Bonus Tip: Avoiding food that causes inflammation or is difficult to digest. Now is not the time to join your foodie friend at the hot, new fusion restaurant. Much like resting, your body is dealing with an allergic response and needs all of its energy for that. Go for foods that are easy to digest like soups, broths, and are fresh, unprocessed foods. Avoid any added sugars and refined grains too.

Herbal Supports!

There are many herbal teas, tinctures, or supplements that can be helpful to relieve some of the discomforts. I have had success with nettle, peppermint, and even the tea Breath Easy from Traditional Medicinal. In addition, to them being warm and soothe many contain vitamins, minerals and other properties that support the body.

Note: Always consult with a physician, herbalist, or other professional before taking herbs. This is especially important any taking medicines or other supplements as there can be an interaction between them.

Seek Professional Help!

Some people have a great doctor or holistic practitioner that they go to when they need help. After suffering for a few days I knew I needed a little extra support, which made a big difference for me. The lesson here is simple, do not suffer. Get the help you need so you can put down the tissues and get back to living.

Red Noses & Watery Eyes,

Mrs. Know it All

Sources: 7 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief, and Nettle Tea.

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I am a Nutritionist and Blogger who is not known for her plating of food or photo skills. I love to empower people to live the busy lives they have created, while being healthy, happy, and hopefully at their best every day.
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