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I say it all the time, but WHERE DID MARCH GO? While I mourn the loss of time and life speeding by, I am also excited that the first Tuesday of April has arrived, which means it is time for the April Edition of Trending Bytes! Yay!




 I love this kitchen gadget as it really takes the hassle out of turning veggies or fruit into spirals. I have used other tools (Mandolins, Food Processors, etc.) for making noodles or strings and it has generally not ended well for my hands or the produce.

With the OXO Handheld Spiralizer, it is quick, easy, and not complicated to use. Basically, you pick your veggie, push it on, turn, and out comes pretty noodles. Big bonus for me is that it is small and fits in my Kitchen Gadget drawer.

A few things to note:

I may have weak hands and/or arms, but after spiralizing 3 or 4 zucchini’s I am feeling it. So either take a break or find a partner.

Cleaning the Spiralizer is not hard, but you do need to be careful with the blade. Sometimes veggies get caught under the blade. It is best to use an object like a knife or chopstick to get it out. No cut fingers, please!

Lastly, OXO did not pay me to say how much I love their Spiralizer. However, if someone at OXO is reading this I would be happy to try out any products for as I am a big Fangirl 😉

Activity Trackers

FWP FitBit

Basically, these devices allow you to track everything from sleep to steps. There are so many and have different features. I personally use the Fitbit Charge HR and I love it. And by that, I am I am completely obsessed. A meme has never been truer.  

I really enjoy being able to count my steps each day (over 10,000 on Avg.) and it helps me be motived to accomplish my fitness goals. I have even joined some challenges with other members to see who can get the most steps. Although, I have some suspensions that some people are putting theirs on pets… But alas I will keep walking.

Another great feature is the sleep tracker. It has been so interesting to see my sleep patterns. How much I wake up, am restless, and actually sleep. I could use some improvement and am going to assign partial blame to a train and my weakness for letting my pups sleep in the bed. Oh, and my book nerd habits. Staying up till midnight reading might be an issue for sleeping.

Kombucha Book

Kombucha Book 1























Many years ago I began brewing Kombucha after taking a class at Kombucha Kamp in Los Angeles. It was love at first brew! I have enjoyed making kombucha ever since and have moved on to other fermented foods. So when the owners of Kombucha Kamp published their first book: The Big Book of Kombucha I was first in line to buy it. Filled with history, tips, and recipes this book is my go to for kombucha making. Currently, waiting for some Rootbucha to finish up. Since I do not drink soda and Root Beer was always my favorite I am pretty excited to try it!

Check back tomorrow for Crystal’s Edition of Trending Bytes! 

What are you loving right now?

Spirals & Roots,


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