Trending Bytes April Edition, Crystal

Another month has gone by and that means Heidi posted her trending bytes in her life yesterday and today I am sharing mine! March was super fun and Eric and I took a week long vacation to celebrate our anniversary! It was so nice to get away and relax for a little while. 🙂

I’ve been making more an effort to be more active lately and yoga has always been one my favorite go to activities. Well, I’ve always wanted to try Pilates but I find it a little intimidating. I was online one day and I found the perfect compromise, the PIYO dvd set! I read reviews online and I found it’s a great fit for everyone. Someone looking for low impact and more flexibility like myself or someone looking to really strength train and tone their body. I’ve been doing it consistently this month and I am loving it!


I spend a lot time on the computer at work and at home so I always try to make sure I have adequate light to protect my eyes. I was noticing my desk lamp wasn’t giving me quite enough light when I was writing or reading so I read some reviews and found this desk lamp that mimics daylight.

Desk Lamp

I’ve had it about a week and I have really noticed a difference in how tired my eyes get.

That’s all for my trending bytes this month. What have you been loving lately? Let me know below!


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