Trending Bytes May Edition, Crystal

April is over and it’s time for another edition of Trending Bytes! Heidi shared her favorites yesterday and today it’s my turn! April was crazy busy but I managed to test some new recipes I will share soon, I purchased a new car and started a new crafting adventure I will share soon as well. Anyways, on to whats been trending in my life lately!

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now TrendingBetween working full-time, time with Lily and everything else going on, making it to the grocery store can sometimes be a burden that causes too much stress. Well Amazon Prime Now to the rescue! They just recently started servicing Las Vegas and I LOVE it. If you have an Amazon Prime account then free 2 hour delivery is included with your account! They have tons of organic options with a wide range of available products with competitive pricing. (I’ve found their organic options are less expensive then Whole Foods.) I’ve gotten everything from Avocados to lip balm. It’s been such a game changer for our family, I love it.

Passion TeaPassion Tea Trending

I am always trying to drink more water but sometimes, I am just over it. One way I get myself to drink more is to add small amounts of passion tea to my water. It adds just the right amount of flavor and freshness to keep me sipping away. I was picking it up at Starbucks which is super convenient but I realized I can brew my own by purchasing Tazo Passion Tea bags. It’s super delicious and so easy to make!



 LaCroix sparkling watersLaCroix trending

I also love to mix up my water with LaCroix sparkling waters. My favorite flavor is lime but they have a wide range of flavors with no sweeteners, no calories and no sodium, just deliciousness. If you currently drink sodas or other sweetened beverages it can be a bit of an adjustment to switch over but I promise it gets better so stick with it. 🙂




That’s all for now, I’ll be back soon sharing a yummy recipe video! Have a great day!


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