Trending Bytes June Edition, Crystal

So, I don’t know if you’ve realized this yet but today is the first day of June. 2016 is half over! While you process that, I will get to what has been trending in my life this month.

Our new dog, Einstein!

Trending EinsteinEric and I had been talking about adopting a dog for several months and we finally found the perfect addition to our family! His name is Einstein! We can’t take credit for the name as the shelter had already named him and we LOVED it so we kept it. He’s 5 years old, a terrier mix but unfortunately we don’t know his history as he was picked up by animal control on the streets. He has the sweetest temperament and everyone that has met him has loved him immediately 🙂 We’ve been walking everyday and he’s been helping me get to my goal of 10,000 steps a day on my Fitbit! If you are looking for a new dog, consider adopting as there are tons of sweet dogs just waiting to be loved. We got Einstein from The Animal Foundation here in Las Vegas.

Lush Deodorant

Trending LushI have very sensitive skin when it come to deodorants, I have struggled my whole life to find deodorants that don’t cause me to break out in a rash. I’ve tried the crystal solid salts, sensitive, unscented, everything. I had found one scent in one brand that I could use but on my path to eliminating toxins, I really wanted to stop using it. I tried going without it for a while but that’s not super practical here in the desert so one day I tried Lush’s Aromaco and I LOVE it. I don’t break out in a rash and it keeps me smelling fresh even on long walks with Einstein. The ingredients are simple and safe for my body. I recommend giving it a try even if you don’t have trouble finding deodorants that work for you.

Spearmint tea

Trending TeaIn my journey to send my autoimmune into remission, I decided to give up coffee………at least for a little while. I know, crazy, right? Well, I’ve been replacing my morning ritual with all different kinds of tea! Caffeine free tea of course but there is still a ton of variety available. I’ve tried ginger tea, dandelion root, passion, etc, but my favorite right now is Spearmint tea. It has a wealth of benefits from helping with digestion, relief from headaches and nausea to more. I am huge fan!

That’s all for this month. Be sure to check out Heidi’s trending bytes from yesterday!

Stay cool this June!


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