Trending Bytes July Edition, Heidi

Happy Belated 4th of July! 

With the long weekend behind us, I am sure I am not the only one slowly getting back into the routine. On days when I need a little pick me up or want to feel fancy, I make myself some espresso (water processed decaf). I mix it with hot water and cream to create an Americano. None of this would be possible without Bialetti Moka Express, which is a stovetop espresso maker.  They come in several sizes and I have the 3 cup model, which is great for my small household (literally! I have no space in my kitchen). I have mine 7 years and it has gone through many moves with a few minor parts needing to be replaced. The Bialetti Moka Express is sold nationwide in stores and online. Parts are easy to find too. Note: following the directions from the manufacturer is a must, but otherwise, it is super easy to use. Enjoy!

Espresso Maker

Another go-to item for me on a busy week is Paleo Valley Beef Sticks, which are made from 100% Grass-fed beef with the highest quality ingredient possible. I actually met some of the employees’ last fall at a conference and not only were they knowledgeable, but friendly and passionate about their product. The beef sticks come in two flavors, original or jalapeno. Since they are individually wrapped they are great for traveling, hiking, or anytime I need a quick snack. Plus, supporting a smaller company that is all about people making healthier choices is a big bonus for me. You can order online and even set up a subscription to have them automatically delivered to your home. 

Paleo Valley Sticks

What are your go-to items for a busy week? Post them below!

Happy Summer, 


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