Trending Bytes August Edition, Heidi

Hello, August! This summer is flying by and it has been a great one. With so much going on personally and in the world, I have been needing extra time for self-care, R&R, and just downtime. While taking a vacation is a great way to recharge one’s batteries, it is not always possible. Check out my favorite ways to take care of myself even when life won’t wait. 



Dusk has been my favorite times of day for as long as I can remember. Something about the sun dropping behind the horizon, the colors (yes, I realize that is pollution), and the day wrapping up I just love it. Lately, I have been taking a moment to just stop and appreciate it. Sometimes it is a quick moment between making dinner, taking care of my dogs, or cleaning up, but I step out of my house and stop. Take in the sunset, neighborhood, and anything else going on. This helps me focus on what’s important and frankly make the hustle a little less overwhelming. 



This is one of my favorite hobbies because it is easy, does not take a ton of time, budget friendly, and I love getting dirty. My green thumb is a work in progress, but that is not really the point. I just love it. I am a firm believer that everyone should have hobbies they enjoy regardless of the outcome. Recently, I replanted my succulents as they need some TLC including new dirt, pots, and location change. They seem to be doing well so far. 


Berry Salad

Between doing “research” for an upcoming blog on summer fruits and hosting book club, I made a berry salad with mint. I topped it with whipped coconut cream. It was amazing and yummy. Great dessert for summer and with all the nutrients, berries are a nutritional powerhouse that can help support the body during times of stress. Big Bonus: widely available and budget-friendly. 

How do you take a moment to collect yourself when life won’t wait? What is a hobby you do for enjoyment? Got a favorite berry recipe? Post it below! 

Sunsets & Berries, 


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