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August is here! Can you believe that? This summer has been so warm here in Vegas that I cannot wait until it’s finally fall! We’ve been super busy lately, we took a short trip to Northern California, Lily is starting kindergarten at the end of the month, work has been busy and we’ve tried to keep up with all of normal routines. Well, it’s that time to share my trending bytes for this month so let’s get to it!

Qalo RingQaloRing

I’ve been making much more effort to be active lately, I love getting out and walking, doing yoga, hiking, whatever. Most people would probably agree that when you are working up a good sweat, one of the last things you want to worry about it is a ring on your finger sliding around, slipping off or even causing you pain if your fingers swell. My problem is either one extreme or the other, it will either slip off completely or my hands swell and it hurts. Well I used to just go ring-less (Eric wasn’t too happy about that) until I came across Qalo rings. They are soft, silicone rings that stretch when your fingers swell but also stay on if you are sweating a lot. I love mine, it’s so comfortable, doesn’t catch on things and is pretty much all I wear on the weekends, whether I am working out or not. They have programs that support quite a few different causes when you purchase one of their rings too! I purchased the purple love ring to support the Alliance for Lupus research! 🙂 


The summers in Vegas have the tendency to kill my appetite. It can get so hot some days that the last thing I want to do is eat anything. So when I do eat, I eat a ton of salads! I pick up an organic greens mix at Costco, add a little crumbled bacon, cucumber and grilled chicken and I am all set. I reviewed my favorite dressing by Tessamae’s a few weeks ago that is not only paleo but very, very tasty. I find the salads don’t sit as heavy in case I need to go back in the heat and they cool me down.  I just love them!

Butter London nail polishSafebutterlondonpolish

I’ve talked about nail polish many times before, I love to have my finger nails painted. It’s just part of my persona, I love for my nails to look nice. Well, in my quest to detox and get healthier and healthier, I’ve found it difficult to find nail polish brands that are “safe” and aren’t filled with all kinds of toxic fillers but that will also stay on my nails for week without chipping terribly. I work in an office and use the dishwasher most of the time for our dishes so my fortunately my nails don’t have it too rough but every polish would chip within a day or two. Until I cam across Butter London Patent Gel Flawless top and base coat! I’ve found I can use pretty much any of the safe nail polishes I’ve come across at whole foods and online but if I use this top and base with it, then they don’t chip! I love this polish and will be keeping it in stock for a while. 

That’s all for my trending bytes this month! Be sure to check out Heidi’s trending bytes for August!

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