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Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season and New Year was a joyous celebration! I enjoyed a few extra days off with my family and friends. I had big plans to wrap up 2016 and get a jump on 2017 and then life happened! I got a mild cold and spent most of the last weekend drinking tea, resting, and thinking about self-care. I had thought I was doing really well, but after a week of eating/drinking foods, I do not normally consume, going to bed late, and being exposed to sick people my immune system could not keep up. Regardless, I am committed to self-care for 2017. Stay tuned for more blogs on this in 2017.  

But back to why you are here! In between sneezes and cups of tea, I was indulging and using some new gifts. I must say I am grateful for all the love of family and friends. They were all very generous. 

Amazon Echo or “Alexa”

This smart speaker device was a huge hit in my house! Thanks, Crystal 🙂 My husband was instantly setting it up, which was super easy (or appeared to be), especially if you have an Amazon account. From playing music to giving the weather, Alexa can do it all. I love to ask her questions or set a timer when I am cooking. We even ordered an addition accessory, so we could have a lamp on a timer or by asking Alexa to turn it on/off. This has become important for when our dogs who do not like to be left in the dark and after multiple times of forgetting to leave a light on… the sun setting at 5 pm has really thrown me for a loop this year. 

One thing that has been pretty funny is that we keep our echo in our main living area and every now and then, Alexa will be prompted by either her own commercials or the tv in general. Sometimes, my husband and I will also activate it on accident by talking. All in all, this has been a fun and helpful addition to our house.

Sterling Silver Plated Ella Outline Necklace

This sweet necklace was a gift from my husband and really is the gift that keeps on giving! I have loved my elephants my whole life and I am often gifted various elephant objects. This necklace is extra special because it is sold by the company Ivory Ella, which takes a portion of the sales and donates to Save the Elephants. According to the Ivory Ella website, “our donations aid in the research of elephant behavior and ecology, the protection of elephants from ivory poachers and traffickers, and in raising awareness of the plight of the elephants.” 

They have an entire website of cute shirts, bags, and other stuff that is you guessed elephant themed! Really love this company. 

Pizza Stone! 

Regardless of how what I am eating or diet I am following, I have always loved to make homemade pizza. And anything that makes that easier I am a fan of. I have always wanted a pizza stone, but it fell into the category of it would be nice to have. So when I received one for Christmas this year (thanks, mom), I was so excited! Not only did my pizza cook evenly, quicker, but it was easy to cut on. The only downside is that the pizza stone gets pretty hot so you have to be careful when handling it. I also had some issues with the pizza sticking to the stone, but I think that could be the type of pizza crust I made (grain-free) and that I did not grease it enough. I may try parchment paper next time. 

There you have some of my favorite gifts that are making my 2017 extra special! 

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017!


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