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Happy March! I hope that you Spring is beginning to show in your neck of the woods. I have been enjoying waking up to sunshine coming through my window, which always makes getting up a little easier. Speaking of which, in the last month, I have been doing some sleep overhaul to improve my quality of shut-eye. Here are the three things making a big difference! 

Leesa Mattress

When my husband and I began the process of buying a new mattress we started with research. First stop was the Consumer Reports website to learn more about mattress buying. Not only do they rate certain mattress brands, but there is tons of information on how to sort through the marking terms to understand what your money will get you. After a fair bit of research, we listed out the most important factors for us, which was to support a small American company that is making a positive impact, cost, easy returns, and was CertiPUR-US Certified, which means that there are minimal chemicals used in the making of the foam. 

The verdict?! Easy to buy, shipped directly to our home, set up is simple, and knowing we had 100 days to try it out made it a stress-free experience. It has been over 30 days and so far sleeping on the Leesa Mattress has been great! It did take some time to adjust to the foam mattress which is firmer than the one we had before, but one of the big difference is that when one of us moves the other person does not feel the movement. And as a light sleeper, this is huge for me. 

White Noise Machine 

This little machine was purchased after our fan broke. Living near a train crossing that runs almost 24 hours a day, at least once an hour has made sleeping through the night a challenge. We did not realize how loud the train honking was until the day we moved in… oops! Thus, sleeping with a window open can cause some restlessness. Enter the Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine.  With adjustable settings including volume and tone. The idea is that the swirling fan noise helps drown out other noises that could disrupt sleeping. Technically, the white noise machine is supposed to be in the middle of the room. However, mine lives on my nightstand because as mentioned before I am a light sleeper. Are you noticing a theme here 😉 


This is my most recent addition to my new sleeping routine. After talking to my chiropractor about my ongoing neck pain, he mentioned getting a new pillow. As I understood, when sleeping (on your side) it is important for the pillow to support the head, keep the neck straight, yet the pillow should not be under your neck or shoulder. I ended up getting a buckwheat pillow, cuz I am a hippie. Ha! No, actually it was the best option for me because I could take out some of the buckwheat to make the pillow more custom to me. Much like the Lessa Mattress, there is a period of adjustment due to the firmness of the pillow. Here is what is amazing, though… I woke up after the first night without any neck pain, which has not happened in a long time! 

Note: I purchased my buckwheat pillow from Beans72 Pillows and there are many vendors. You can even make your own. Also, check out Consumer Reports for more info on pillow buying too. 

So there you have my favorite things that have improved my quality of sleep. What do you use or do to improve your sleep? Post it below! 

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Sleeping Without Counting Sheep, 


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